“I used a portion of a severance bonus at my pre-MBA role to purchase Black Belt Deluxe in the summer of 2016. I highly recommend this package for clients interested in taking their careers, consulting or otherwise, to the next level.
Jenny Rae will push you to the limit in interviews, especially if she feels that you have the raw talent to excel in case interviews. In the spring semester of my first year, I participated in a semester-long consulting project required by my elective track after undergoing the program for a semester. By the end of the project, I was considered the “strategy guru” on my team (mind you, on a team with 3-4 other MBA classmates) and my insights were the linchpin of the team’s overall recommendation, which was well received by both the faculty and our client.
In my personal experience, I found Powerpoint for Consulting comparable, and perhaps even superior, to the school’s elective class on business presentations, which is itself highly recommended by the school’s alumni consultants.
Even more amazingly, after Excel for Consulting, I found that my peers considered me arguably the best consulting modeler in the school in the spreadsheet modeling elective classes that I took in the latter half of my time in the program. I will be working in a full-time role where I will need every skill I learned in the Black Belt program and then some.
Be warned, if you purchase Black Belt Deluxe and decide to recruit for consulting in an MBA program, you will stand out.”
– Peter, Cornell MBA
(Disclaimer: Client hired for a commercial banking leadership development program that claims a roughly 4-5% acceptance rate based on 500 applications for 20-25 full-time roles).

Who is Black Belt Deluxe for?

Black Belt Deluxe is for those of you who want to leave no stone unturned. Who wants to make sure they’re fully prepared for their one shot at consulting.

If you’re serious about breaking into consulting, Black Belt Deluxe is for you.

How will it help?

We walk you through every part of the consulting interview and recruiting process.

Need networking help?

A resume/cover letter overhaul?

Help developing your hero stories for the fit interview?

Case interview coaching?

Skills training in PowerPoint and Excel?

Black Belt Deluxe does it all and is a worthy investment.


What does it include?

Black Belt Deluxe is our creme de la creme. Our most premium package, it contains:

  • 8 hours of 1:1 interview coaching with an ex-MBB consultant
  • 2-rounds of edits on both a resume and cover letter
  • Lifetime access to every book, course, and case on our platform (even future ones!)

Should I buy Black Belt Deluxe?

If you’re ready to put your best foot forward in consulting interviews, Black Belt Deluxe is for you.

The best value we offer, you’ll be fully prepped after taking advantage of our expert resources and coaches. Our Black Belt clients are 1800% more likely to land offers at MBB and Big 4 firms than standard applicants.

Have more questions? Feel free to email us; we’d be happy to schedule a quick call with you!

Resume edit + Cover letter edit + 30min coaching session

  • Two Rounds of Line-by-Line Edits for 1 Resume & 1 Cover Letter
  • 24 Resume & Cover Letter Templates
  • Power Half Hour resume review
  • The MC Book Bundle:
    • Consulting Roadmap
    • Consulting Resume & Cover Letter Bible
    • The Consultant's Networking Bible
    • Consulting Interview Bible
    • The Consulting Case Bank
    • 3 Month Mastery

Resume edit + Cover Letter edit + 4 Hours of Consulting Interview Prep

Everything in Consulting Job Hunt, PLUS
  • 3.5 Additional Hours of Interview Prep (4 Total Hours)