Good reads from the consulting blogosphere, plus a great site for case interview preparation

Readers will notice that the posting rate here at MC has slowed a bit recently. Have been working on several related projects (the Consulting Bible among them) and will be excited to share with everyone soon! Until then take a look at the case interview reads we’ve collected from the consulting blogosphere.

Later today, I’ll post about “How management consultants assess interviews”. For now, here are some quality reads/resources from the consulting blogosphere:

Finally, I’ve been recommending this site to interview prep clients. It’s written by a former McKinsey consultant, with great FAQs and videos on how to approach and conquer case studies.

Thanks for reading! If you’re new, here are some recommended posts: The Consulting Industry 101; Investment Banking vs Management Consulting; Day in the life of a Management Consultant; Overview of the recruiting process.
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