AlixPartners Acquires Galt and Company to Form New Strategy Division

AlixPartners, the international business advisory firm, is expanding its service offerings by acquiring Galt and Company. AlixPartners has traditionally focused on work along the lines of corporate turnarounds, bankruptcy assignments, and restructuring, but this acquisition adds a strategy/transformation dynamic to the firm’s efforts. Let’s dig into the acquisition and what it means for both firms.

AlixPartners Acquisition, Galt & Company Acquired

Galt & Company Acquired by AlixPartners

With the acquisition, AlixPartners adds Corporate Strategy and Transformation as a new service offering. This follows a trend we’ve observed in consulting over the last decade where a larger firm – like the Big 4, like Alvarez & Marsal – will add a coveted strategy consulting element to its capabilities, either through swallowing up a smaller strategy firm like Galt or creating a strategy practice in-house. Either route can be effective, but it’s often easier to bring on an established firm than build from the ground up.

Strategy consulting is an appealing service offering for firms, one that has grown in demand in recent years. It is sought after by companies that are faced with increasingly complex financial, operational, and organizational challenges. Strategy consultants offer specific strategies to deal with business challenges. They devise long-term solutions to address these challenges and improve company returns and growth.

Galt & Company is a relatively young firm, founded in 2003. The management advisory firm specializes in helping management teams of Fortune 500 companies develop strategies and capabilities that deliver long-term shareholder value growth. Galt & Co’s capabilities fit in nicely with what AlixPartners is looking to grow into. AlixPartners is a 2,000-person firm founded in 1981. The firm works across industries with clients in aerospace and aviation, consumer products, real estate, private equity, retail, energy, and more.

AlixPartners Careers: Firm is Hiring Now

If you are considering a role in strategy consulting, check out AlixPartners careers on the firm’s careers page. The firm has many job openings right now in the US, Europe, and Asia. Employees average a healthy tenure of 4.4 years at the company according to LinkedIn.

Before you apply, make sure your resume is “consultified” and displays your relevant transferable skills that a firm like AlixPartners or Galt & Company is seeking. If you have no idea what we’re talking about, you’ll want to read up on consulting resumes and work with us via a custom resume edit.


The acquisition of a strategy firm – Galt and Company – by a larger general management consulting firm – AlixPartners – is something we expect to see more of over the next 5-10 years. That’s good news for folks wanting to go into strategy consulting because it means firms are growing and will need to add more talent. Just don’t neglect case interview prep in your job hunt!


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