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EPAM is an engineering-focused firm which focuses on transformational type projects and helping clients respond to digitalization pressures. Within the EPAM consulting business, projects may include: “white space business design,” “experience transformation,” “platform and product strategy,” and “enterprise technology and operations transformation” (see the full suite of EPAM consulting services here).

This article will share more about EPAM’s history, career opportunities, and areas of focus.

Table of Contents

  1. Key Stats
  2. History of EPAM
  3. EPAM Careers
  4. EPAM Internship
  5. Practice Areas
  6. Industries
  7. EPAM Locations
  8. Career Path
  9. Exit Opportunities
  10. Notable Alumni
  11. Diversity Programs
  12. EPAM Culture
  13. EPAM Interview
  14. EPAM Salary

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EPAM Key Stats

  • Firm Website: https://www.epam.com/
  • Firm Headquarters: Newton, PA
  • Firm Number of Employees: 60,000+
  • Firm Number of Locations: 54 locations across 50+ countries
  • Firm Chief Executive: Arkadiy Dobkin
  • Firm Revenue: $3.8B

History of EPAM

EPAM was founded in 1993 and started by primarily supporting its clients in engineering projects. EPAM has since expanded its capabilities to not just provide engineering support but also provide consulting, design, and product development support. Since its founding, EPAM has also expanded geographically into a global firm with offices in 50+ countries.

EPAM Careers

EPAM focuses on providing consultants with a globally-oriented career that focuses on partnering with clients to provide transformative business solutions. There are several hallmarks of EPAM’s careers including:

  • On-demand training
  • Working with subject matter experts
  • Exposure to global clients
  • Flexible working environment with ability to work across global locations
  • Professional growth opportunities

EPAM Internship

While EPAM does not list out its internship programs online, it has online training programs focused on a variety of technical skills.

Practice Areas

EPAM has four practice areas, including:

    • Consult and design
    • Engineer
    • Operate
    • Optimize


EPAM works across industries; EPAM industries include:

    • Financial services
    • Healthcare
    • Automotive and manufacturing
    • Insurance
    • Business information services
    • Retail and consumer
    • Life sciences
    • Media, entertainment, and telecom
    • Software and hi-tech
    • Travel and hospitality

EPAM Locations

EPAM locations are global in nature; EPAM offices include:

      • Newton, Pennsylvania
      • Bellevue, Washington
      • Boston, Massachusetts
      • New York, New York
      • Los Angeles, California
EPAM Global
      • Paris, France
      • Berlin, Germany
      • Bogota, Columbia
      • Sydney, Australia

Career Path

The EPAM career path is flexible. Given the scope of the firm, EPAM associates can work both with global clients and in global offices. Throughout a career at EPAM, associates can benefit from training programs and relocation opportunities.

Exit Opportunities

Compared to MBB, the exit opportunities for EPAM are narrower and focused on more technical companies and / or roles. While EPAM may not be as prestigious as an MBB firm or a second tier consulting firm, employees at EPAM can spin their experience and get strong positions at prestigious Fortune 500 companies (e.g., Morgan Stanley, Meta, Amazon).

Notable Alumni

While EPAM does not publish its notable alumni, some alumni at EPAM include:

    • Morgan Stanley Executive Director
    • Software Development Engineer at Amazon
    • Product Manager at Vimeo

Target Schools

The majority of employees on LinkedIn are Ukrainian-based. Prominent colleges that US-based colleagues go to include:

    • Penn State (~30 out of ~3,600 people)
    • University of Maryland (~20 out of ~3,600 people)
    • University of Pennsylvania (~17 out of ~3,600 people)
    • Indiana University (~10 out of ~3,600 people)
    • University of Delaware (~10 out of ~3,600 people)

Diversity Programs

While EPAM does not list out its diversity and inclusion programs, it states that enabling an inclusive workplace is one of its main commitments. Outside of EPAM employees, EPAM supports several ESG initiatives focused on diversity and inclusion, e.g.,

    • For women: sponsoring a Technovation Girls Summit in Mexico
    • For educating youth: helping Raspberry Pi provide education to 60,000+ young people

EPAM Culture

On Glassdoor, EPAM has a 4.1 star rating, with 87% of people recommending EPAM to a friend and 93% approving of the CEO.

Positive aspects of the culture include:

  • Good work life balance
  • Good benefits
  • Friendly coworkers

Negative aspects of the culture include:

  • Lower salaries and bonuses
  • Bureaucratic
  • Potentially bad managers

EPAM Interview

The EPAM interview is a mix of behavioral and technical. Behavioral questions can include:

  • Tell us about your prior experience / walk us through your resume?
  • Can you talk us through your technical skills?
  • How do you handle conflicting requirements / conflicting opinions?

EPAM Interview Process

The EPAM interview process has several steps including:

    • A phone interview
    • A recruiter interview
    • A technical interview

EPAM Salary

Per Glassdoor, EPAM business analysts’ salaries are ~$95,000-100,000 (with a ~$85,000 base and ~$13,000-15,000 bonus). EPAM business analyst salaries are below those of MBB firms, specifically:

  • McKinsey: $112,000 (base) plus $20,000 (bonus)
  • Bain: $112,000 (base) pus $22,500 (bonus)
  • BCG: $110,000 (base) plus $25,000 (bonus)

For a full report outlining salaries across consulting firms, please see the Management Consulted’s report here.


Therefore, EPAM is an engineering-focused firm founded in 1993 that helps clients with transformational type solutions and responding to digital pressures. Compared to MBB firms or tier-2 consulting firms, EPAM’s projects are narrower and more technical. EPAM works across industries, including: financial services, healthcare, and other industries. EPAM has a global presence and has offices in over 50 countries. The interview process is nothing to “snooze” at, given there are both behavioral and technical elements. If you are interested in working at EPAM and want to prepare with an ex-MBB consultant, click here.


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