Tour Recap – Day 2 (Duke)

This is Day 2 of our East Coast Tour Recap…for Part 1, go here. Otherwise, read on.

After a Tuesday morning full of client calls and edits, we rocked the rental car again and – with the exception of a stop at Chick-Fil-A – one of the only chain restaurants that consistently rises above our California local-fresh-organic snobbery – we rolled onto the Duke Campus.

2013-09-03 14.57.17

We had another killer turnout at Duke, and with a full room we thought it could be tough to answer everyone’s questions during the presentation. Not so much! The Duke undergrads were super savvy about consulting, and most had a ridiculous first world problem – they didn’t know how to communicate about a return offer from a summer internship in their upcoming full-time interviews.

2013-09-03 17.36.37

 We had a good laugh together, and even though all of the top consulting firms treat Duke as more than a target, but a core school, they said that what we brought to the picture was something their group had never experienced before – a funny and unbiased perspective, with really practical advice.

2013-09-03 18.20.41

Again, we were invited to return to Duke – and are planning to expand to meet not only with undergrads, but with Fuqua students as well.

2013-09-03 17.34.20

Favorite quote of the night – “One thing I really liked about the bootcamp was the environment that you two created in the sense that the students were able to ask questions that they would not normally ask during presentations given by firms.”

After answering every last question, we found ourselves hungry at 8:44PM. We’d heard that Dame’s Chicken and Waffles was the height of savvy Southern cuisine in Durham, and the store manager  – although she never does this – prepared us a to-go box even though they were closed.

2013-09-03 21.11.59

Best. Fried. Chicken. Ever. And not too shabby on the Chocolate Hazelnut Butter with the Vegan Waffle either.

2013-09-03 21.20.46

A few hours later, we crashed with friends in Richmond for the night.

Stay tuned for Wednesday’s edition of the Tour recap….

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