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With technology improving on a day to day basis, consulting companies are adapting with the times when it comes to recruiting. One of the latest and most common hiring practices in the industry is known as the digital interview. Digital Interviewing was pushed to the forefront through the COVID pandemic, and it’s very possible to encounter one. Make sure you’re prepared!

Because of the new format, digital interviews can catch candidates off guard. Back in the day, all consulting candidates needed to prepare for were behavioral questions and case interviews. Maybe at a few select firms, some sort of online or computer test that assessed ones analytical capabilities. An example of this would be McKinsey’s Problem Solving Test.

We’re currently in a transitional period where not all consulting firms have adopted digital interviews, but we are getting there. Just a few years from now, don’t be surprised if digital interviewing is used at every single consulting company worth its salt. As a result, if you’re considering recruiting for consulting, the digital interview will become increasingly important.

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What Is A Digital Interview?

Digital interviews, also known as Hirevues, usually come in one of two forms: a video interview or an online interactive assessment.

  1. The Video Interview

The video interview involves a small set of questions that candidates are provided once they access an online portal, usually sent as a link through email. These questions are usually behavioral and focus on previous experiences, personality, situational responses, and the like. Candidates are then given a few minutes to record themselves answering each question.

Companies like Deloitte and Accenture have been leading the charge with video interviews. It makes sense given that interviewing candidates over the phone or in-person is so expensive, especially for these large corporations. Digital interviews provide an easy way for companies to see if candidates have the necessary backgrounds, poise, and communication skills to be a consultant.

In video interviews, it’s important to Google to see what kind of questions have been asked in the past for each respective company. They will provide you with a great benchmark so you can know what to expect. Of course, questions change very often, so you generally want to be prepared for questions as you would in a normal interview setting.

  1. The Online Interactive Assessment

Online interactive assessments are the type of digital interviews gaining popularity in consulting. These assessments include a game simulation in which candidates are first provided with information about a problem. From thereon out, the digital interview adapts according to the candidate’s decisions, similar to how a game would. The assessment helps evaluate a candidate’s ability to think and make decisions under pressure.

Two companies leading the way in digital interviews are McKinsey and BCG (such a shocker, we know).

McKinsey’s Digital Assessment was developed with leading psychologists and game design experts at IMBELLUS. The digital interview evaluates candidates using data science over the 60 minute exam. Candidates are expected to overcome three distinct challenges to demonstrate their problem solving abilities.

The BCG Pymetrics Test was developed in partnership with pymetrics and Professor Gandhok from the Indian School of Business. The digital assessment reportedly is in beta testing, but don’t be surprised if BCG starts using this tool in its recruiting processes soon. The test is backed by data science, neuroscience, and artificial intelligence to test for a range of skills.

Other firms have recently developed their own online tests as well. See the “Additional Reading” section at the bottom for more information on those. Online interactive assessments are likely here to stay for the long run, but luckily, you won’t need any prior business knowledge. The exam tests for raw and natural skills.

Concluding Thoughts

Digital interviews are not a candidate-favorite, but companies love them for their efficiency and ease of use in evaluating candidates. Given that most candidates are just getting used to digital interviews, think of this as an opportunity to be at an advantage. Research the type of digital interviews the consulting firms you’re recruiting for are implementing and with the right preparation, you will be miles ahead of your competition.

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