Deloitte Job Simulation

Deloitte is one of the world’s leading accounting and finance firms and one of the “Big 4” management consulting companies. The firm is a powerfully attractive workplace. This, of course, means that competition for jobs at Deloitte is steep. The company fields an enormous number of competitive applications and has its pick of top candidates. This means that you’ll need to do everything in your power to study the application process and prepare yourself accordingly.

One of the most important hurdles to clear is the Deloitte Job Simulation. This is merely one step in the hiring process, but in many ways it’s the most challenging. It is likely to be different from application processes you’ve encountered elsewhere. But don’t worry, we’re here to demystify the Deloitte Job Simulation process. In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the assessment, and we’ll offer tips for preparing so you can maximize your chance of landing a job at Deloitte.

Deloitte Job Simulation

What Is the Deloitte Job Simulation?

So, first thing’s first: what is the Deloitte Job Simulation? The Deloitte Job Simulation is the second stage of the interview process for interns and entry-level hires at Deloitte. It is administered to those who have passed the Deloitte Online Immersive Assessment. The Deloitte Job Simulation assessment is designed to assess your readiness for a range of activities you’re likely to encounter in a normal workday on the job at Deloitte.

The Deloitte Job Simulation does not last all day, it only takes about 40 minutes. It tests you on a range of tasks and skills, including analyzing reports, and reading and writing responses to emails from your bosses & colleagues. You will also have to share information on how you’d react to a range of work-related situations. You’ll have to prepare and record video responses to a variety of personal and professional questions.

Deloitte Job Simulation Questions

The Deloitte Job Simulation questions can be broken down into four categories:

  1. Video Response Questions
  2. Written Response
  3. Multiple-Choice Numeric
  4. Verbal Reasoning and Situational Judgment

Let’s look at each of the different types of Deloitte Job Simulation Questions separately.

Note: the Deloitte Job Simulation is often structured in accordance with one or more Deloitte case studies. The different rounds of questions may continue referring back to these case studies, asking you to perform different kinds of evaluation. You should be familiar with how to approach a case interview and understand how to solve it.

Deloitte Video Response Questions

The Deloitte Job Simulation Video questions will be familiar in some sense and unfamiliar in others. On the one hand, they resemble standard job interview questions. On the other hand, you won’t be speaking with a live person at all, and you’ll have the opportunity to prepare a response and to practice your recording before submitting a final response.

The Deloitte Job Simulation video questions are designed to better understand you as an applicant and a potential coworker. They include questions about your personal experience, your understanding of professional dynamics and scenarios, and your ability to digest and respond to various documents and communications.

The video questions for the Deloitte Job Simulation assessment all have a pre-assigned time limit, which you will be able to track as you record. You’ll also have the ability to design your responses and to practice your delivery before submitting your final recording.

Deloitte Written Response Questions

The Written Response questions for the Deloitte Job Simulation require you to analyze a form of written information, then craft a certain kind of response. These questions are designed to simulate the different forms of written communication you’ll be required to perform on the job. Some of these questions take the form of emails from colleagues or superiors, asking you to explain, for instance, certain negative job outcomes. Other questions might be more technical, requiring you to analyze a financial document and summarize your insights.

Deloitte Multiple-Choice Numeric and Verbal Reasoning Questions

The Multiple-Choice Numeric and Verbal Reasoning questions for the Deloitte Job Simulation are similar to those encountered in the previous stage, the Deloitte Immersive Online Assessment. Many say that at this stage they are slightly more challenging. The numeric questions will require you to perform certain calculations regarding a given data set. The verbal questions involve making qualitative evaluations of documents and data sets.

Deloitte Situational Judgment Questions

The Situational Judgment Questions for the Deloitte Job Simulation require you to evaluate different situations and rank five possible responses from most preferable to least. These questions may involve your judgment of technical financial questions or they may involve more work- and team-related issues.

How to Prepare for the Deloitte Job Simulation

Now that you know about the types of questions you’ll encounter, let’s discuss how to prepare for the Deloitte Job Simulation.

Because the question types are so different, you will need to take a multifaceted approach to your preparation. Therefore, we’ve differentiated our preparation strategies by question category.

How to Prepare for Deloitte Video Response Questions

There are challenges of the Deloitte Video Response Questions. One of which is getting your head around the fact that there is no live human to talk to as you record your response. Though, your response will eventually be viewed by actual people. Therefore, you should prepare for these questions as you would a standard in-person interview. Practice clear speech and pacing as you explain items on your resume as well as past professional and personal experiences. You should also record your responses and review them, evaluating yourself as you would a stranger. One important thing to keep in mind is maintaining a high (but not overly high) energy level, as we often lower the energy of our self-presentation without other people present. And on the day of your actual Deloitte Job Simulation, don’t forget to dress up as you would for a formal interview!

How to Prepare for Deloitte Written Response Questions

Practice your business-writing skills by writing sample emails summarizing documents you’ve read, or recent professional/academic experiences you’ve had. Give yourself a finite period of time to analyze the situation you’re writing about.

Examine your writing—or have a trusted friend or tutor examine your writing—for clarity, flow, and accuracy. If necessary, you may need to work on improving your basic and business-specific writing fundamentals.

Note: for both the video and written response questions, you can improve your storytelling skills by practicing the STAR method. The acronym stands for Situation, Task, Action, and Result. It provides an ideal organizational structure for delivering meaningful and cohesive stories.

How to Prepare for Numeric and Verbal Reasoning Questions

In a sense, these questions are the most straightforward to prepare for, as they largely involve technical skills and business and financial acumen. But by that same token, they are also challenging to prepare for. This is because they are assessing a lifetime of education. If your Deloitte Job Simulation assessment is coming up soon and you don’t have time to review all your quant and business course notes, you can at least practice the CEEC method. That acronym stands Calculation, Estimation, Elimination, and Combination That method describes a strategy, in order, for working toward an answer in a multiple-choice context when you don’t immediately know the exact solution.

How to Prepare for Deloitte Situational Judgment Questions

It can be hard to improve your situational judgment in a limited timeframe, as situational judgment describes a complex suite of many different sub-skills and forms of knowledge. Still, you can go a long way by studying Deloitte’s five core values. The firm values provide some guidelines for how it wants its employees to approach each situation. Those five core values are:

    1. Lead the Way
    2. Serve with Integrity
    3. Take Care of Each Other
    4. Foster Inclusion
    5. Collaborate for Measurable Impact


With its unsurpassed reputation in the financial services industry, Deloitte is one of the most attractive—and competitive—management consulting firms in the world. If you want to land an internship or entry-level job at Deloitte, you’ll need to outperform a crowded field of applicants in the Deloitte Job Simulation. While this assessment process may seem unusually complex, it can also be seen as largely repackaging of most of the basic assessment forms you’re likely to encounter at other consulting firms. Therefore, it will be important to combine advanced knowledge of the format with many of the same prep techniques and resources you’re using for the rest of your job search.


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