Consulting Fit Interviews 101 Video Overview

“How are you going to fit with the firm?”

The question is in the forefront of interviewers’ minds throughout your whole interviewing process. In fact, if you nail the case interview, but are unable to convince them that you’ll be a good fit with the firm, you won’t be hired. Because of that, it is essential to prepare for fit interviews.

To help you prepare for fit interviews, we’ve created a series of videos with the essential basics – from questions to approach to suggested answers themselves. The following 4 videos will help lay a strong foundation for answering fit questions during a consulting interview.

Prepare for your fit interview with our expert STAR Method guide

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Intro to Fit Interviews

8 Types of Fit Interviews

Hero Stories

The Ultimate Fit Interview Prep Plan

We hope you enjoyed the fit interview overview. For those of you who seriously want to learn more and want to practice for consulting interviews, we have 2 recommendations:

1. If you love teaching yourself new material, we’d recommend working your way the 300+ pages of The Consulting Interview Bible. Here is a quick overview of what you’ll find in The Consulting Interview Bible’s fit, experiential, and case interview training course:

  • 300+ outline and instruction pages covering every conceivable topic central to consulting interviews – from general preparation tips to why interviewers ask specific fit questions, from tips on analyzing charts to bottom-up approaches for sizing questions.
  • Over 50 fit questions that you’re guaranteed to hear in consulting interviews. Understanding them will enable you to destroy every consulting interview question you’ll ever face.
  • 50+ pages of practical advice on cracking the case interview including 4 versatile frameworks that are easy to use to solve every case, every time.
  • 16 cases that you can do on your own or use to practice with a partner. These are based on realistic company problems, structured in the style of a 1:1 live interview, and include scoring keys modeled off those used at M/B/B. They’re comprehensive, complex, and will be more challenging than any you’ll face from the likes of Bain and BCG.

2. For those who are looking for quick results and would prefer to work directly with ex-MBB consultants, we’d recommend our Consulting Interview Prep service. According to last year’s results, clients who went through our interview preparation process were 18.3 times more likely to receive an offer from a consulting firm than those who hadn’t gone through the process.

Again, if you have any questions related to fit interviews or to consulting, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We love helping our followers in any way we can :)

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