Top 10 Consulting Firms in Paris

Paris is one of the most famous and beloved cities in the world. Considered a capital of global culture and one of the main economic powerhouses in Europe, Paris is home to several top consulting firms that work in a range of the most important industries.

In this article, we’ll offer a brief introduction to what life in Paris is like for an aspiring consultant. From there, we’ll move into our list of the top 10 consulting firms in Paris.

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Life in Paris

Paris is one of the top destinations for tourists from all over the world for a reason. Having served as the cultural capital of the West for centuries, Paris is home to some of the world’s most famous restaurants, museums, neighborhoods, tourist attractions, and of paris image

In terms of iconic attractions, the Eiffel Tower is just the tip of the iceberg. Paris also offers beautifully manicured public gardens and incredible architecture that spans many styles across several centuries. The beautiful Seine River runs through the heart of the city, and of course there are the medieval catacombs. Paris has also served as a Mecca for the world’s most important and ambitious artists for several hundred years. Its world-class museums include the Musee d’Orsay and the Louvre, which house some of the most famous works of art across history.

Paris is also a famous romantic destination. Couples from all over the world come to solidify their commitment by attaching padlocks to the Pont des Artes bridge. But the city isn’t just limited to ancient forms of high culture. There is also a thriving nightlife, with some of the best clubs, bars, and restaurants on Earth.

And Paris also serves as an economic hub for some of the world’s most important companies. Consultants working in Paris have a chance to work in extremely high-profile industries—including tech, hospitality, finance, luxury fashion, and more—earning lucrative salaries that permit a lifestyle like nowhere else on Earth.

Top 10 Consulting Firms in Paris List

Our list of top 10 consulting firms in Paris will include some well known global names with locations in Paris, as well as some more local players.


BCG, or the Boston Consulting Group, is one of the so-called “Big 3” consulting firms, with a robust operation in Paris. In 2020, BCG moved its Paris operations to the former Peugeot headquarters in the heart of the city, right near the Seine River, with over 20,000 square meters of office space at its disposal. The lease includes 2,800 square meters of gardens and outdoor space. The redesign emphasizes environmental sustainability and utilized 81 tons of recycled materials.

Boston Consulting Group Paris has become one of the firm’s largest global locations since its founding in 1973, with over 400 consultants working there. Some of the BCG brands operating from the Paris office include not only the company’s signature consulting arm, but also BCG Digital Ventures, BCG Gamma (which provides advanced analytics and AI services), BCG Platinion (which focuses on technology implementation), BCG Inverto (which offers supply chain services), and BCG BrightHouse (which provides purpose-driven consulting).


FTI Consulting is another leading global consultancy that offers management advisory services in the areas of turnaround & restructuring, disputes & arbitration, business transformation & strategy, cybersecurity, risk & compliance, and more. FTI Consulting Paris also specializes in ESG & Sustainability, with such recent projects as an analysis of different tariff options for a hydrogen transportation network in Europe.


LEK is a very large global consultancy that provides advisory services in corporate strategy, marketing, sales, mergers & acquisitions, and operations. LEK Consulting Paris was founded in 1989. Its current office is in the 8th arrondissement, near several famous attractions, including Avenue des Champs Elysées and Avenue Montaigne. In addition to serving some of France’s top companies, especially in investment and finance, LEK Paris also focuses on offering community service projects.


Bain is another of the “Big 3” firms with a major Paris operation. Bain Consulting Paris serves as a hub for the firm’s strategy and management consulting services across the EMEA region. The Paris operation specializes in investment and private equity funds, while also serving many global corporations. The Bain Paris culture is pro-social, including its serving as a partner for the Global Positive Forum, which helps raise awareness of individuals and institutions working to create positive change in the world.


As one of the world’s largest IT consulting companies, and headquartered in Paris, Capgemini is both global and local. In addition to working with some of the world’s largest and most important companies, Capgemini is an essential service provider for the French government and other public sector institutions in France. Capgemini Consulting Paris recently moved offices to “The 147,” located in Paris’s new business district, Grand Paris Seine Ouest. The office hosts over 4,000 employees and offers large, bright interiors with a modern design, as well as highly attractive rooftop gardens and patios.

McKinsey & Company

McKinsey & Company needs little introduction. The last of the “Big 3” firms on our list, McKinsey might be the most famous consultancy in the world. McKinsey Consulting Paris includes the newly opened Paris Experience Studio, which offers “the newest digital, immersive, and creative spaces inspiring clients to build new capabilities on their path toward reinvention.” Situated on the Champs Elysées, this space attracts top clients from all over Europe who come to exploit its capabilities in analytics and design.

Adrien Stratégie

Adrien Stratégie has been in operation for 40 years and has served clients on over 1,000 projects. Adrien Stratégie consulting Paris focuses on small to medium enterprises, helping them develop and achieve sustainability with their businesses. The firm has also been included several times in the rankings of top strategy consulting firms in Capital magazine. Adrien Stratégie emphasizes long-term thinking that seeks to help the client reach their optimal size and place in the marketplace, with a focus on anticipating future challenges and opportunities.

Courcelles Conseil

Courcelles Conseil is a boutique strategy consulting firm centered in Paris, which specializes in financial advisory services. Some of the main services offered at Courcelle Conseil consulting Paris include mergers & acquisitions, alliances and strategic partnerships, strategic plans, distribution strategies, commercial and operational efficiency, and new organizational models. Some of the key industries include banking, insurance, private equity, and more.

Kea & Partners

Kea & Partners is a consultancy with 150 consultants working across multiple European offices. Kea & Partners consulting Paris focuses on the following industries: banking, insurance, investment funds, energy & utilities, real estate, media, telecommunications, leisure, tourism, and catering. The firm’s main services include strategy and growth, competitiveness, operational performance, management, human resources, and digital acceleration.


Headquartered in Paris, Advancy is a global strategy consulting firm with over 200 consultants working across multiple continents. The main industries served by Advancy Consulting Paris include Chemicals, Building Materials, Automotive, Retail, Consumer Goods, Luxury, Travel, and Leisure. The firm’s primary practice areas include strategy, sales & marketing, M&A, restructuring, operations, organization, and supply chains.


As one of the cultural and economic capitals of the West, Paris is a highly attractive city for aspiring consultants. Paris’s consulting scene includes major offices for some of the world’s largest consulting firms, as well as many highly reputable boutique firms. With such a thriving business landscape as well as an infinite variety of cultural attractions, Paris would be an unparalleled city for launching your consulting career. We trust this list of top consulting firms in Paris has been helpful as you launch into your consulting career!

If you’d like help discovery which firm or location might be best suited for you, reach out to our team!


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