Infosys Consulting Interviews & Culture

INFOSYS CONSULTING Birthed in 2004 as a spin-off of Indian tech outsourcing behemoth Infosys Technologies, Infosys Consulting is quickly climbing the charts as an industry leader in IT Operations and Strategy consulting. The firm supports clients across 50 countries with a … Continue Reading

ZS Associates Firm Profile

ZS ASSOCIATES Welcome back! Today’s expose is on ZS Associates (pronounced Zee S in the U.S.) – a premier boutique firm focused on salesforce and marketing optimization. Where did ZS Associates begin, and what are they known for? Founded in 1983 by Kellogg … Continue Reading

The Top 8 Undergrad Consulting Majors

As consulting has become more popular (frantically so), we are getting increasing numbers of emails from undergrads – and even high schoolers – begging the question – if you want to land a consulting internship, what should you major in … Continue Reading

BTS Group Interviews and Culture

BTS GROUP INTERVIEWS AND CULTURE 30 years old and long a mainstay in European consulting, BTS Group has been steadily growing since its inception in 1986. A strategy execution and implementation firm based in Sweden, today the firm counts 59 … Continue Reading

Cornerstone Research Interviews and Culture

CORNERSTONE RESEARCH Ranked at #8 in the Vault Consulting Top 50, Cornerstone Research may just be the most interesting consulting firm you’ve never heard of. Specializing in economic, financial and market analysis, specifically for cases in litigation, Cornerstone Research touts itself … Continue Reading

Buck Consultants Firm Profile

      BUCK CONSULTANTS Today, we highlight another one of those consulting firms you may never have heard of – yet another reason why MC is here! Insightful Thinking. Real-world solutions. That’s what Buck Consultants stands for – driving thinking-real-world solutions. A … Continue Reading

The Cambridge Group: Interviews & Culture

THE CAMBRIDGE GROUP The Cambridge Group is the embodiment of a “boutique” consulting firm. Acquired in 2009 by The Nielsen Company, a world leader in market research, and with only one location in downtown Chicago, the Cambridge Group has taken the … Continue Reading

Bates White Economic Consulting Interviews and Culture

BATES WHITE ECONOMIC CONSULTING Get ready for some fresh info as we talk about a firm that specializes in econometrics, statistics, antitrust, and specifically advanced econometric modelling. Bates White Economic Consulting is a highly reputable boutique firm that has been gathering momentum … Continue Reading

Parthenon-EY Interviews and Culture

PARTHENON-EY A household name in the consulting world, Ernst & Young (EY) has gone through some dramatic changes in the past few years. Originally a behemoth as one of the Big 4 accounting firms, EY is now set up as … Continue Reading