Articles Recap: Week of September 15, 2019

Business Writing: Definition, Tips, & Examples The basics of business writing. Check out the tips and improve your business writing!   Case Interview Dress Code It’s silly to lose points or a good impression in your case interview because of … Continue Reading

Articles Recap: Week of September 8, 2019

Driver Trees A Driver Tree is a framework that makes complex problems more manageable. Check out the article and see how to use Driver Trees.   Case Interview Video Conference – Top Tips Case interviews over video conference have some … Continue Reading

Case Interview Video Conference – Top Tips

Technological advancements have touched every aspect of modern business, and consulting recruiting is no exception. To consulting firms, face-to-face interviews are always the best way to make a final decision on a candidate. However, in first rounds, there is a … Continue Reading

Driver Tree: What Is It?

The driver tree is one of the oldest frameworks for business thinking. The tool’s roots trace back to the 1920s, when DuPont used the driver tree to define Return on Investment (ROI) as a function of profitability, financial leverage, and … Continue Reading

Article Recap: Week of September 1, 2019

Mental Models Mental Models play into just about every situation. They also help to make sense of why you make the decisions you do. Check out this super interesting and enlightening article!   Investment Banking: My Journey from Deloitte Consulting … Continue Reading

How To Get Into Consulting: 5 Steps To Take

So you want to be a management consultant? Unfortunately, millions of others decide the same thing every year. The management consulting recruiting process is one of the most competitive processes in the world. With so many candidates vying for limited … Continue Reading

Mental Models: What Are They?

At some point in your business career you’ll likely hear management types discussing mental models and the positive or negative effects these models can have on teams. To the uninitiated, this can sound confusing. In the management world, the mental … Continue Reading

Article Recap: Week of August 25, 2019

BCG Pymetrics Test BCG is following suit with other MBB firms and adding a digital component to their case interview process. See what it entails here.   Resume Keywords: Consulting Action Words See what the best words are for your … Continue Reading

80/20 Rule (Pareto Principle) Explained

The 80/20 Rule, also known as the Pareto Principle, has been a seminal principle in prioritization, efficiency, and working “smarter” for over 100 years. In short, the 80/20 Rule helps you get the biggest return from the least possible amount … Continue Reading