2018 ExperienceBain TECH

Does the intersection of tech and business strategy excite you? Does harnessing the effect of tech innovation on business get you out of bed in the morning? Then Bain is calling you – provided you are a 1st year MBA … Continue Reading

McKinsey Global Connect

It’s no secret – a majority of the growth multinational companies (and consulting firms) are experiencing is directly attributed to their work in emerging markets. Having recognized this, McKinsey is launching a brand new event – McKinsey Global Connect. This … Continue Reading

Italia Innovation Consulting Immersion

Is there a happy medium between killing it an internship and having a little bit of fun this summer? There is now. In line with gaining real-world, practical experience with a group of brilliant peers, and catered towards the ones … Continue Reading

Consulting Vs. Venture Capital

A couple years ago, over the most delicious pizza in Cambridge, I was having a conversation with a Harvard undergrad after one of our workshops. His dilemma? Consulting vs. Venture Capital.  He had summered at Bain and was debating between … Continue Reading