Double trouble…Launching the Consulting Case Bank and The Consulting Bible 3rd Edition

We knew a year ago that we wanted to publish a 3rd edition to our best-seller – The Consulting Bible – but we wanted to set the bar high, do something we hadn’t done before, give our readers something they were missing…

So we thought long and hard about the hundreds of coaching sessions we’d had with interview candidates. What had they wanted more of? What was missing from current consulting resources? Where had we and others fallen short? It was simple – you wanted 3 things:

  • more practice cases for use by yourself or with partners
  • simple and easy-to-use frameworks for structuring cases
  • guided interview prep homework and practice plans

An update to The Consulting Bible wasn’t enough. We had to up the ante…free ourselves from the confines of a book…so that we could blast open the most valuable vault in the history of consulting interview prep.

And we’ve done it!

Today we launch a killer combo that every consulting wanna be needs in their repertoire – our online Consulting Case Bank and The Consulting Bible 3rd edition – combining forces to rule over the consulting interview jungle! Starting today you can get BOTH for the price of the Consulting Case Bank.

For those of you who have been emailing us and (im)patiently waiting for this launch – we won’t disappoint! We can finally tell you what’s in the Consulting Case Bank

Over 550 practice cases from a variety of b-schools, case books, firms, and interview rounds. Full of everything from market sizing questions and new product intros to M&A cases and strategy tests, it’s your one-stop-shop for case interview practice.

We categorized each of the 550+ cases to give you the ability to target your case practice. Here’s what’s inside!

  • 300+ firm-specific cases from 25+ firms, allowing you to target firms you’re interviewing with or interested in
  • 15+ types of cases (market entry, profitability, investment, operations/supply chain, etc.) that you can use to practice different structures and styles
  • 20+ industries that cover the gamut – from transportation, oil and gas, and energy to financial services, human capital, and IT
  • 200+ cases classified by interview round (1 and 2) so you can tailor your practice progression

But the Case Bank is only half of the story. In our newly published 3rd edition, we’ve expanded our Consulting Bible from 100 pages to over 300 pages.

If you get the Consulting Case Bank now ($95), we’ll send you The Consulting Bible 3rd edition ($50 value) for FREE.

While it may not sound as flashy or glamorous as the Consulting Case Bank (bling-bling), we’re actually just as excited, if not more, for the launch of this new edition. Why? Because we’ve added volumes of all-new content that address key areas currently ignored by other consulting interview resources. Here’s a preview of what’s new in the 3rd edition:

  • new section on the interview process where we deep dive into the interview path of the successful candidate.  We explain the expectations to have for the process, and the types of interviews you’ll run into.
  • new section on Problem Solving Tests, including an explanation of what they are, how they’re used, how to do well on them, and why they are (or aren’t) important.
  • 3 Ultimate Prep Plans – PST, Fit, and Case – that break down step-by-step how to optimize your practice time – from creating a simulated testing environment to knowing when to start.

In terms of FIT INTERVIEW resources –

  • We’ve expanded on the fit interview questions to include more tips on “what you shouldn’t do” and what bad examples sound like.
  • We added our MC-exclusive Hero Stories exercise – we use it with our 10-hour Black Belt Interviewer clients – to prepare you for ANY fit or experiential interview question.

In terms of CASE INTERVIEW resources

  • We added 8 new market sizing questions and case studies – for a total of 16 practice cases.
  • We included 8 partner cases with detailed guidance for your mock interviewer, including prompts and model responses.
  • We added a new section on case interview guidelines, including…
    • 10 practice mistakes to avoid.
    • An intensive breakdown on case anatomy and style.
    • An excruciatingly detailed section on the scoring system – how an interviewer is evaluating you, what they’re looking for, and what you need to know to make sure you come out on top.
    • 4 practical frameworks to memorize and use – in practice and behind the interview table.
    • A case cheat sheet with must-know equations, terms, and data points that you’ll be expected to know.

Note to readers who purchased an earlier edition of The Consulting Bible – you really do get free updates for life! We’ll be sending you your check-out code for your copy of The Consulting Bible 3rd edition soon.

We hope you enjoy these awesome new products as much as we enjoyed creating them!

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