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Deloitte, EY, PwC, and KPMG… AKA the “Big 4.” The Big 4 are in the top echelon of management consulting firms. For aspiring consultants, they represent a fantastic consulting career. That is, if you can land a job there. Enter: Big 4 Career Lab.

Big 4 Career Lab knows the hard work it takes to land a job at one of the Big 4. They are determined to help candidates avoid pitfalls and streamline the recruitment process. The end goal, of course: nabbing a job at one of the Big 4 firms.

So, what is Big 4 Career Lab? How does their approach differ from ours here at Management Consulted? And is it the best option for you when preparing for the Big 4 recruiting process?

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Big 4 Career Lab: What Is It?

James Whittaker founded the company in 2016 to help consulting candidates obtain a Big 4 role. Whittaker struggled to get a job at a Big 4 firm. It was this struggle and ultimate success in that endeavor when he stumbled onto a process that helped him land a job with Deloitte. That experience catapulted him into starting Big 4 Career Lab.

The chief focus of Big 4 Career Lab is the use of “Hidden Job Marketing”. This is advertised as a secret process that will help you secure a job at one of the Big 4 firms. Upon leaving Deloitte after working there for 11 years, Whittaker packaged the “Hidden Job Marketing” process that worked for him. He now uses it to help others land their own jobs. Big 4 Career Lab also offers to help you find a job in any consulting capacity, whether it be in tax, audit, IT, or consulting.

80% Of Jobs Not Posted – Really?

Big 4 Career Lab truly understands the value of networking. Whittaker claims that 80% of jobs are not advertised to the general public – online or otherwise. Though after seeing the sheer number of roles the Big 4 post online, we’re a little skeptical, to say the least.

He focuses on encouraging consulting candidates to find the decision maker for a position, and ensure this individual understands the value you could bring to them, their team, and their clients. We’re in agreement here, and in fact, wrote a free article to help you do this!

In short: Big 4 Career Lab promises a high probability of landing a job at a Big 4 firm if you participate in the program. However, the firm falls short of the robust case prep offerings necessary to succeed in the Big 4 consulting interview process. The cost of their program is approximately $3,000.

Big 4 Career Lab vs. Management Consulted

Big 4 Career Lab is not the only organization focused on helping consulting candidates land their dream jobs at a Big 4 firm. Management Consulted offers similar services but takes things a step or two further. Led by a former Bain consultant with former BCG and McKinsey consultants on the team, Management Consulted understands the consulting industry inside and out.

So how are these two companies different? Both help with the recruitment process and finding consulting jobs. Both help with your resume and cover letter, along with networking tips and tricks (although MC’s team has experience serving 10,000+ happy clients).

The Case Interview Prep Is The Difference

However, Management Consultant understands the importance of preparing for the dreaded case interview. They stress the very real need to practice out loud with a professional to ensure real-time feedback so changes can be promptly made. Preparing for and nailing the case interview is mission critical to securing a job at one of the Big 4 firms.

While both Big 4 Career Lab and Management Consulted are run by consultants, Big 4 Career Lab has its real expertise in tax consulting, while Management Consulted is run by former strategy consultants. If you are going for an advisory role, this should be a clear checkmark in favor of Management Consulted.

The consulting function (outside of tax, audit or IT) focuses on solving complex business issues for clients of the Big 4. It is very different from tax or audit consulting. This is something to keep in mind as you review who you want to work with.

Management Consulted also is more affordable and offers packages based on your interests and needs. Programs start as low as $295 and cost under $2,000 for the Black Belt package. This contains everything you need to land a job with the Big 4, from resume help, mentorship and coaching, and case interview preparation. Click here for more information and program-specific pricing.

Who Do You Choose to Help you Land Your Dream Consulting Job?

Landing a job at one of the Big 4 takes immense preparation and a clear understanding of the recruiting process. Both Big 4 Career Lab and Management Consulted offer options to help you get there.

Be sure to select an organization that will guide you through the process and has the expertise you need for the function of consulting you are going into. Good luck!

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