Artisan Healthcare Consulting

Artisan Healthcare Consulting, located in the Boston area, is a boutique healthcare consulting firm focused on the pharmaceutical, medical device, biotechnology, and diagnostics sectors. With only 25 employees, Artisan is a small yet mighty firm that punches well above its weight.

In this in-depth profile of Artisan Healthcare Consulting, we dive into the firm’s inner workings, including:

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  • Life and culture
  • Salaries
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Artisan Healthcare Consulting

Table of Contents:

  1. Artisan Healthcare Consulting Key Stats
  2. Artisan Healthcare Consulting History
  3. Artisan Healthcare Consulting Careers
  4. Practice Areas
  5. Industries
  6. Office Locations
  7. Career Path
  8. Exit Opportunities
  9. Notable Alumni
  10. Artisan Healthcare Consulting Culture
  11. Artisan Healthcare Consulting Internship
  12. Artisan Healthcare Consulting Interview
  13. Artisan Healthcare Consulting Salary
  14. Target Schools
  15. Diversity Programs

Artisan Healthcare Consulting Key Stats

  • Artisan Healthcare Consulting Website:
  • Artisan Healthcare Consulting Headquarters: Waltham, Massachusetts (Boston)
  • Artisan Healthcare Consulting Number of Employees: ~25 employees
  • Artisan Healthcare Consulting Number of Locations: 1
  • Artisan Healthcare Consulting Chief Executive: Bob Delise
  • Artisan Healthcare Consulting Revenue: $6M

Artisan Healthcare Consulting History

It’s always a good idea to research any firm you’re applying for – this stands true for Artisan. An overview of the firm’s background will be helpful in putting your best foot forward in Artisan Healthcare interviews. Here are a few details that’ll help familiarize you with the company’s history.

The firm was founded by current president Bob Delise in 2009. Delise believed consulting should exceed a client’s expectations, without exception, and the firm continues to strive to meet this goal.

Megan Richards, current VP and Head of Strategy and Innovation, joined the Artisan team as an Associate in 2014 and assumed her current role in 2019. The firm’s other VP, Brad Ship, joined Artisan in 2015 as a Senior Consultant and was named VP in 2017.

For the past 12 years, the company has maintained a laser-like focus on life sciences, specifically in the realms of biotech, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, and diagnostics.

While it’s been in business for over a decade, the firm seems to have stayed true to its mission to exceed client expectations by focusing on service delivery over rapid growth.

Artisan Healthcare Consulting Careers

Artisan Healthcare careers offer a broad range of possibilities, from entry-level positions to high-level leadership opportunities. But, prepare to be pushed. Artisan maintains high standards for project delivery and employee performance.

Practice Areas

At Artisan Healthcare Consulting, each practice area involves a critical examination of relevant data to assist clients in the development and release of new life science products.

The firm aims to craft commercial strategies that ensure client success, from launch to final patent. Within the area of emerging biopharma, Artisan strives to guide clients in making investment decisions that ensure growth and future success. When it comes to new product development, Artisan uses TTPs (Target Product Profiles) in its product strategy.

A full list of Artisan Healthcare Consulting practice areas includes:

Across all practice areas, Artisan consultants examine the “Voice of the Consumer” to appropriately understand and capitalize on global patient needs, provider concerns, and the unique perspective of pharmacists and distributors. Each decision is carefully analyzed, from package design and marketing to distribution.


As already mentioned, Artisan Healthcare Consulting plays only in the life sciences space. In its therapeutics work, the firm works extensively with clients in the areas of oncology, infectious disease, rare disease, gene and stem cell therapies, diabetes, vaccines, and inflammation.

Office Locations

Artisan Healthcare Consulting has one office, located in Waltham, Massachusetts, less than 15 miles from the heart of Boston.
The firm’s office is situated along the Cambridge Reservoir near Bentley University and Brandeis University and is a short drive from Assabet River National Wildlife Refuge.

Career Path

The Artisan Healthcare Consulting career path can start as early as students’ junior year with the Artisan Healthcare internship program. Prospective interns should consult the company careers webpage or contact Artisan directly to get more information and apply.

Aside from internships, a career with Artisan generally starts at the Associate level. The firm’s career path is neatly laid out on its career page, and progresses in the following manner:

Associate –> Consultant –> Senior Consultant –> Team Leader –> Practice Leader –> Partner

You can expect to be promoted every 2-3 years with generous pay bumps at each promotion point.

In addition, Artisan Healthcare Consulting has two Vice Presidents and a company President that play both internal leadership and services delivery roles. Like many consulting firms, Artisan Healthcare Consulting is structured like a pyramid, with more Associates and Consultants at the bottom than Partners at the top.

Exit Opportunities

Artisan Healthcare Consulting exit opportunities are numerous. Consultants can choose to pursue a long career at Artisan, which many do due to the close-knit culture at the firm. They can also find more senior roles at other management consulting firms or consider careers in private equity or venture capital. The skills you acquire at Artisan support all these paths.

Of course, one of the most common exit paths is to join a client organization. This is typical of the consulting industry and Artisan. The small size of the firm lends its consultants the opportunity to network in a personal way with clients, helping bring these career opportunities to fruition. You’ll find most consultants that leave Artisan do so to take on leadership roles across companies in the life sciences.

Notable Alumni

As a young firm with only 25 employees, Artisan doesn’t have many notable alumni – yet. But we have identified a few individuals who developed their careers with the firm before moving on to an interesting post-Artisan position.

Jacqueline Rock began as a consultant with Artisan in 2015 before transitioning to Sanofi in 2017. John Kim is currently Associate Director of Marketing at Y-mAbs Therapeutics, Inc.

Artisan Healthcare Consulting Culture

The culture at Artisan Healthcare Consulting is positive, fun, entrepreneurial, and collaborative. The smaller size of the firm allows consultants the unique opportunity to work closely with senior leaders and take early ownership roles on engagements.

The firm places an emphasis on professional development and training – including specialized skills training. Senior members of the firm are invested in this, which is quite rare.

The firm has a flat operating structure, allowing junior employees plenty of opportunities for growth and advancement. Promotions are merit-based, and promotion cycles are often rapid (if you work hard).

Artisan Healthcare Consulting employs a multi-project staffing model, meaning you could be involved in 3-5 client engagements simultaneously. This results in greater variety but can also lead to an unpredictable work schedule.

Work-life balance at Artisan varies depending on the season. A typical work week is around 50 hours, which is not bad for consulting. You won’t travel much since most clients are in the Boston area.

Leadership is very flexible when it comes to employees taking time off. If you need a vacation, you can take it. Even better? You won’t be expected to work during that time. It sounds strange, but being completely unplugged during time off is a luxury not many consultants have.

Artisan Healthcare Consulting Internship

An Artisan Healthcare Consulting internship is the first step in determining if Artisan, and a career in consulting, may be the right choice for you.

The internship is designed for college juniors and gives students the opportunity to interact with both clients and Artisan employees. Students who excel at top-tier universities and have an interest in the pharmacy and biotechnology fields are great candidates for this program.

An internship with the firm pays a small salary and runs for 10 weeks in the summer. Opportunities can be found on its webpage or at university job fairs, particularly at these target schools: Harvard, Yale, Dartmouth, MIT, Tufts, and Boston University.

Artisan Healthcare Consulting Interview

The Artisan Healthcare Consulting interview is generally a 3-step process. Initially, job seekers will submit a resume, cover letter, and unofficial transcript. Artisan is looking for candidates with quantitative and analytical strengths, academic success, and strong communication skills.

Artisan participates in on-campus recruiting at some of the best undergraduate and MBA programs in the Northeast U.S. The firm also considers off-cycle applications, so you can theoretically apply at any time.

Interview Process

The Artisan interview process can be lengthy, potentially extending for a month. The first step is a phone interview or two, involving behavioral questions and case studies. The next step in the interview process is on-site interviews which involve similar types of questions but are more in-depth.

Previous interviewees indicate case studies take about 45 minutes and behavioral question interview segments run closer to 30 minutes. Example case interview questions are listed here.

Need help preparing for Artisan interviews? Work with our expert team to get interview-ready through tailored, live coaching – whether you interview next week or next year.

Artisan Healthcare Consulting Salary

The average Artisan Healthcare Consulting salary at the entry-level starts around $85K before bonuses. At the post-MBA level, expect to take home north of $130K in base pay. While you start at a lower base salary level, speedy promotions can help you accelerate your pay quicker than peers at larger firms.

Target Schools

Artisan Healthcare Consulting target schools include top tier colleges and universities, especially in the Boston area. However, if you’re at a top institution in the Northeast U.S., chances are that the firm has a presence on campus.

Not at a target school? Don’t worry! The firm is open to candidates from all educational backgrounds – just make sure you network prior to applying.

Diversity Programs

The firm’s commitment to diversity is evident. Artisan has made a pledge to use both financial means and its public voice to stand with the BIPOC community (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) against systemic and institutionalized racism. Through volunteerism and financial contributions, Artisan hopes to promote change and advance equity.


Looking to land at a firm that isn’t flashy, but has a lot to offer in terms of career progression, culture, and growth opportunities? Artisan Healthcare Consulting may be calling you. Optimize your resume and prepare for the lengthy Artisan interview process by working with our expert team. Get started today.


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