Case Competition

A case competition is an interesting experience. Usually, you’re stuck in a room for a vast majority of the week (or day) with a small group of ambitious and hyper competitive individuals solving a big hairy business problem. Regardless of … Continue Reading

Article Recap: Week of August 11, 2019

Ladder Of Inference Have you ever wondered why you make the decisions you do? Check out the Ladder Of Inference and see how our assumptions, culture, and the “reflexive loop”, determine your beliefs and actions!   Deloitte Intern Tips Hit … Continue Reading

The Pyramid Principle Explained

If you’ve been around consulting for any amount of time, you’ve heard of The Pyramid Principle. In fact, we recently wrote a whole article on it. But, as always, there’s a deeper level to explore when it comes to the … Continue Reading

Deloitte Intern Tips

Have you just received an offer to become a Deloitte intern? Congratulations! However, the real hard work begins now. Big consulting firms like Deloitte utilize summer internships as a method to select the students who fit within their culture and … Continue Reading

The Ladder Of Inference

Any prospective management consultant should be interested in understanding how people reason, identify opportunities, draw conclusions, and make decisions. In the medium to long term, having a framework or mental model for thinking about these topics will help you be … Continue Reading

Networking 101

Networking 101- how to network for management consulting jobs is extremely important in actually landing an offer. You could be the next Jack Welch, but if you don’t know how to network, you won’t make it very far. Networking allows … Continue Reading

Cover Letter Tips

The cover letter is often overshadowed by the resume. While it will never be more important than the resume, a good cover letter is still an important component of the recruiting process. A great cover letter won’t necessarily get you … Continue Reading

Recap: Week of August 4, 2019

Deloitte Online Assessment Deloitte has joined the ranks of MBB firms in adding a digital component to their case interview process. Take a look at the article to understand what to expect from a Deloitte case interview.   Net Present … Continue Reading