Analysis Group Inc Careers: How to Land an Offer

Analysis Group Inc is a prestigious economics consulting firm known for interesting work supporting government and law firm clients as well as a great workplace culture. The company employs experts in a wide range of fields, and provides analysis in fields like economics, strategy, healthcare analytics, and finance. Interested in a career with Analysis Group? Want to know what salary to expect at Analysis Group, Inc.? Curious which of the Analysis Group locations would be the best fit for you? We’ve got you – read on to get informed.

Analysis Group Inc Careers

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  1. Work for Analysis Group: How to Get an Offer
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  4. Analysis Group Salary
  5. Analysis Group Locations

Work for Analysis Group: How to Get an Offer

If you want to work for Analysis Group, Inc., you’ll want to understand what kind of work you’re getting yourself into. The work at Analysis Group is in the field of financial and economic analysis with a focus on solving legal and business problems. You’ll work with highly intelligent people with advanced degrees in economics, law, finance, business, etc. Analysis Group takes on a range of legal disputes, pro bono engagements with non-profit orgs, and other areas of litigation support. The firm also has a substantial healthcare practice.

The work is often challenging and generally requires a high level of attention to detail. Client demands can lead to unpredictable, often-stressful hours. If you are open to rapid on-the-job learning, Analysis Group may be a perfect fit for you.

Analysis Group Internship

Analysis Group internships are a great way to experience the culture of the company and get a taste of what it’s like to work for the firm. And, of course, an internship often results in an offer to come back as a full-time employee after graduation.

Analysis Group has two internship programs, one for pre-MBA candidates (Summer Analyst Intern), and another for MBA/PhD candidates (Summer Associate Intern). Both internships at Analysis Group run for 8 weeks during the summer the year before graduation. The internships are designed to replicate the experience of a full-time Analyst or Associate. As an Analyst or Associate Intern, you’ll be placed on a case team where you can contribute to the team. Analysis Group internships involve skills training (technical and soft skills), exposure to the day-to-day work at the firm, invitations to firm social gatherings, and more. If you land an internship, chances are good of getting a return offer!

Find job openings and apply for the Analyst Intern and Associate Intern roles.

Analysis Group Jobs

Is Analysis Group hiring? The answer is almost always yes. Check the firm’s Careers page to find current Analysis Group jobs needing to be filled. Analysis Group, Inc. also has jobs for experienced professionals (AKA “experienced hires”) that don’t fit in the Analyst or Associate bucket. On the firm’s job board for experienced professionals, you’ll find listings for recruiting staff, administrative staff, and consulting roles in the “other” category (ex: Data Scientist, Learning Technology Specialist).

Interested in a career at Analysis Group? If you have an undergraduate or graduate degree in a field related to economics or finance, they might be interested in you! Make sure your resume is tailored to the firm and you are well-prepared for the tough interviews.

Analysis Group Salary

If you are considering working for Analysis Group, you’ll want to know how much you will stand to make. Good news: the Analysis Group salary is quite competitive. Find full salary data (base salary + signing bonus + performance bonus) – for Undergraduate/Master’s consultants and MBA/PhD consultants – in our free consulting salary report.

Analysis Group Locations

Most Analysis Group office locations are in North America (one in Canada, the rest in the U.S.) and the firm has four locations outside of North America. Get a full list of Analysis Group, Inc. locations here. Wondering what the most popular Analysis Group locations are, and why? In order:

  1. Analysis Group Boston – Boston is the firm’s headquarters and the most competitive office to break into.
  2. Analysis Group NYC – it’s the Big Apple. Need we say more? Join Analysis Group NYC for a fast-paced career in the heart of the business world.
  3. Analysis Group Dallas – Texas is appealing for many consultants: a lower cost of living, a focus on energy & industrials, and southern accents, y’all.


Analysis Group is a fantastic firm operating in the economic consulting world. Despite the demanding work and long hours, the firm offers interesting problems to solve, a competitive compensation package, and a solid culture to boot.

Tailor your resume to the job requirements before you apply, and work with Management Consulted to get you up-to-speed on the challenging fit/behavioral interview the firm employs. The good news about the Analysis Group interview process? No case interviews!


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