Advanced Case Interviews – A Video Overview

This is the 2nd installment of a two-part overview. If you haven’t already gone through the first part, we recommend you start there.

Now that you have a basic understanding of what a case interview is – you know their purpose, format, and structure – it’s time to move on to the meatier topics.

As you’ve already gathered, case interviews are designed to test candidates multidimensionally – they test problem solving abilities, ability to communicate, capacity to handle pressure, professionalism, ability to do basic mental math, etc. at the same time. Because of that, nailing the case interviews is a challenge.

Top interviewers make use of a variety of tools that enable them to master the case interview. In the following videos we introduce some of the tools that these interviewers use. Specifically, we delve into case frameworks, knowledge of case scoring, case note taking, and case deconstruction.

Along with that, we also share some spicy secrets on how to practice for case interviews efficiently and effectively. Finally, for those eager to break into an MBB firm (McKinsey, BCG, or Bain), we share insights on how to interview at each MBB firm.

Ready? Here are the videos:

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Case Framework Overview

Case Scoring

McKinsey Interviews

BCG Interview

Bain Interview

Insider Case Strategies

Ultimate Case Practice Plan

Finished making your way through all 15 videos (including the 8 videos from part 1) on case interviews? Impressive. You’ve made a big step forward in your learning about case interviews. If you are considering management consulting and wondering what case interviews are like, congrats! You now have a solid picture of what to expect.

Don’t fool yourself into thinking that you’re ready. Watching info about case interviews is different than actually doing case interviews yourself.

Have an upcoming interview with a management consulting firm, and need help preparing? Here are 2 ways we’ve assisted 1000s of others in your shoes in the past:

1. ) For self-directed learners, work your way through the 300+ pages of The Consulting Interview Bible. In there you’ll find:

  • 300+ outline and instruction pages covering every conceivable topic central to consulting interviews – from general preparation tips to why interviewers ask specific fit questions, from tips on analyzing charts to bottom-up approaches for sizing questions.
  • In depth information on 4 different frameworks that can be used to solve every case, every time.
  • 16 cases that you can do on your own or use to practice with a partner. These are based on realistic company problems, structured in the style of a 1:1 live interview, and include scoring keys modeled off those used at M/B/B. They’re comprehensive, complex, and will be more challenging than any you’ll face from the likes of Bain and BCG.

2.) Prefer one–on–one attention from our ex–MBB staff? Just choose a Consulting Interview Prep that will service your needs best.

If you have any questions about case interviews or anything relating to consulting, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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