Accenture Goes on Acquisitions Spree

Accenture acquisitions have been fast and furious in the last couple years. The Accenture news cycle has been filled with updates on potential M&A, actual M&A, and progress on implementing acquired companies. These acquisitions have varied widely in terms of industry and geography. Accenture recently went on an acquisitions tear. In this article, we’ll discuss the specifics of each purchase and what they mean for the firm.

Accenture Acquisitions

Accenture Acquisitions: The Details

The recent acquisitions by Accenture demonstrate that the firm is committed to driving growth by expanding its capabilities, expertise, and geographic reach. It sees synergies associated with bringing what it already does well to clients of acquired companies as well as what acquired companies bring to its current clients.

But beyond that basic theme of growth and synergies (and the fact that two of the acquisitions are in the UK), there is no clear overarching theme. Accenture’s recently acquired companies are all very different from one another. The list of acquisitions includes:

BCS Consulting

Founded in 2001, UK-based BCS Consulting serves the UK’s leading financial services firms across technology, finance, operations, regulation, and risk management. The acquisition complements some of Accenture’s other recent financial services acquisitions — Mudano, Orbium and Parker Fitzgerald — expanding what it can bring to financial services clients to help them meet market challenges associated with payments, digital banking, and more.

Founders Intelligence

Another UK-based firm, but one with a completely different offering. The firm provides innovation strategy consulting to large corporations to create growth using tools, techniques, and insights from technology entrepreneurs and investors. The deal builds upon Accenture’s capabilities to help senior executives create and scale new business models.

T.A. Cook

This Berlin-based consultancy specializes in asset performance management. It optimizes capital projects for infrastructure clients in capital-intensive industries. The acquisition will strengthen Accenture’s capabilities for improving asset performance, increasing safety, and reducing environmental impact and cost in the chemicals, life sciences, and related industries.


Located in Japan, Tambourine is a “commerce transformation” company. It is a leading e-commerce customer experience agency with capabilities in cloud-based technologies. Tambourine’s expertise lies in implementation of the Salesforce Commerce Cloud to deliver seamless commerce experiences for consumer goods and entertainment companies.

Acquisitions a Sign of Likely Recruitment

Mergers and acquisitions are often a sign that a firm is growing and will need to bring on more talent. In addition, acquisitions often create disruption that forces some employees to leave – voluntarily or not. But the overall objective of a firm like Accenture is growth, which means new talent is needed, pronto. As proof, Accenture has hundreds of job openings right now. Make sure to prep your resume before applying.


Accenture’s M&A activity spans industries and geographies, suggesting a broad-based pursuit of growth. To support this strategy, we expect the firm to hire aggressively in 2022. To succeed in the tough interview process at Accenture, most candidates benefit greatly from case interview coaching with an expert. Don’t let the case stop you from breaking into one of the world’s top companies!


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