5 Mistakes to Avoid When Transitioning From Consulting to Tech

Recently, we’ve been focusing on tech consulting – specifically, the differences between tech consulting and strategy consulting, and how you can position yourself to transition from tech consulting to a strategy role. Today, we’re flipping the conversation on its head – one of the most common (and lucrative) exit opportunities for consultants is into the tech space. How do you position yourself to successfully make the transition from consulting to tech? We’re going to assume, that, like us, you believe It’s better to learn from the mistakes of others than make them yourself. So, here are the top 5 mistakes to avoid when transitioning from consulting to tech (yes, unfortunately, we’ve seen people make all of these).

Mistakes to Avoid Going From Consulting to Tech

  1. Mentioning Workplace Dynamic

Tech firms want you to care about the work, not have a willingness to live the easy life. While you probably will work less hours than you did in consulting, mentioning an easier workplace dynamic as one of your primary reasons for transitioning is a no-go.

  1. Talking About Decks and Bullshit

In Tech, it’s about data, metrics, modeling, and teams. Hit these three themes hard in your interviews – trust us, nobody is going to care about the precious slide decks you built and the brilliant presentations you made. This is one of the biggest mental shifts to make when transitioning from consulting to tech.

  1. You Will Leave New York (or wherever) Tomorrow and Go Where They Ask You To

Tech companies aren’t the same in San Francisco or London or NYC. Decisions are made in certain places, and you need to be in those places. And no one hates a New York evangelist more than SF techies.

  1. Having No Cutting Edge Tech You Think Is Interesting

Discuss AI and Machine Learning today, VR tomorrow, and Blockchain on Thursday. Know companies, names, and valuations. The ecosystem is real – if you don’t have a passion for pushing the boundaries of tech, you’ll be exposed in a minute.

  1. Don’t Apply Through The Website

Tech is a fad, and even moths are attracted to flames. What do we mean? Tech is the hottest industry around – there’s a new breakthrough seemingly every week, the pay is great, and the space is exciting. Competition is stiff; this is a people conversation, full of coffee chats and insider helpers. Much like consulting, if you blindly apply through the website, your chances of breaking into a top firm are slim to none.

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