Thanks for joining us for our 4 Keys to Winning a Case Comp call!

Case competitions are a great way to learn and apply a number of consulting skills to a simulated problem. You get to conduct research/analysis in a team setting, develop/present a final deliverable, and learn how to think like a consultant.

If you represent a university or consulting club, you can invite MC to facilitate a case competition for your students. Learn more.


18:12:39          How much knowledge do you need to know about the topic before you go into your first meeting? Do you do some research before your first team meeting?

18:13:24 From Namaan Mian to Everyone: I recommend that everyone come to the first meeting with their own hypothesis, having done some initial research on their own

18:14:55 How similar are these workflow’s or keys to a real-world consulting project?

18:16:49 We can modify the framework a little bit as per the case promt

18:17:02 From Namaan Mian to Everyone: yes!

18:19:20 In general, how many hypothesis should we test before coming to our conclusion if the case is open-ended?

18:20:55 From Namaan Mian to Everyone: Test 1 hypothesis. If it’s disproven, adjust and move forward with the 2nd iteration as your final

18:21:35 What’s the recommended amount of figure/plain text/infographic on a slide

18:22:06 From Namaan Mian to Everyone: No more than 40 words per slide. One figure/exhibit max that has 1 clear takeaway

18:26:14 Is it ok to put it in under award & recognition?

18:27:35 From Namaan Mian to Everyone: I don’t recommend even having an “Awards” section. The awards you won belong in the experience you won’t them in (i.e., academic awards in Education, professional awards with the related work experience)

18:28:29 From Namaan Mian to Everyone:  We have a TON of free resources available:

18:34:02 From Namaan Mian to Everyone: Black Belt gives you both. Helps you get an interview through R/CL edits and helps you prepare through interview coaching

18:36:54 Have you seen any benefit of having PhD in case studies or in consulting field?

18:38:06 Can you apply to the bridge programs every year?

18:38:43 From Namaan Mian to Everyone: No. You must be graduating the following year

18:39:07 From Namaan Mian to Everyone: So, to be eligible for this year’s programs, you must be graduating in 2023

18:41:53 Can overconfidence turn people off in case interviews?

18:42:45 From Namaan Mian to Everyone: Only if “overconfidence” means that you don’t take feedback