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Wood Mackenzie is a consulting and research firm working in energy, chemicals, metals, and mining industries. It provides analysis and advisory on assets, companies, and markets, working with clients to share the insight they need to improve strategic decision making. With locations on five continents, Wood Mackenzie has diverse location and career options as well as summer internships for students and recent grads.

Table of Contents:

  1. Firm Key Stats
  2. Wood Mackenzie History
  3. Wood Mackenzie Careers
  4. Wood Mackenzie Internship
  5. Practice Areas
  6. Industries
  7. Wood Mackenzie Locations
  8. Target Schools
  9. Exit Opportunities
  10. Diversity Programs
  11. Wood Mackenzie Culture
  12. Wood Mackenzie Interview
  13. Wood Mackenzie Salary

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Firm Key Stats

Firm Website: www.woodmac.com
Firm Headquarters: Edinburgh, Scotland
Firm Number of Employees: 1,900
Firm Number of Locations: 29
Firm Chief Executive: Neal Anderson
Firm Revenue: $322 million

Wood Mackenzie History

Wood Mackenzie was founded in 1973 by Stuart Wood and Bill Mackenzie, who had both previously worked at the Scottish investment bank Robertson, Miles & Co. In the early years, Wood Mackenzie primarily provided research and consulting services to the oil and gas industry. In the 1980s and 1990s, it expanded its focus to include other natural resources industries, such as mining and metals, power and renewables, and chemicals. Today, Wood Mackenzie is a leading provider of research, consulting, and data services to the energy, chemicals, metals and mining, and power and renewables industries.

Wood Mackenzie Careers

Wood Mackenzie hires professionals at different levels, including analyst, consultant, and senior consultant positions. It also takes on experienced professionals, who are typically further along in their careers. See current openings on the careers page.

Wood Mackenzie Internship

Wood Mackenzie has summer internships available to students aspiring to be consultants. Interns report having primarily positive experiences and gaining useful skills through mentoring and hands on work that will be utilized in the future. Internships usually last for 8-12 weeks over a summer. Interested students should contact their preferred location to inquire about internships availability.

Practice Areas

Wood Mackenzie works with clients in the following practice areas to optimize business operations and function:

    • Research
    • Subscriptions
    • Short-term analytics
    • Consulting
    • Supply Chain Intelligence


Wood Mackenzie industries are energy related:

    • Power & Renewables
    • Metals & Mining
    • Oil & Gas
    • Gas & LNG
    • Chemicals
    • Corporates
    • Maritime

Wood Mackenzie Locations

Wood Mackenzie has 29 offices in 18 countries around the globe, across the following continents:

    • Asia
    • Europe
    • Latin America
    • Middle East
    • North America

Some of the major locations include:

    • Edinburgh, Scotland (headquarters)
    • London, United Kingdom
    • Houston, Texas, USA
    • Singapore
    • Beijing, China
    • Mumbai, India
    • Sydney, Australia

Target Schools

Most of Wood Mackenzie’s target schools are in Scotland, as the firm is headquartered there.

    • The University of Edinburgh
    • Heriot-Watt University
    • Edinburgh Napier University
    • Northeastern University
    • University of Glasgow

Exit Opportunities

Employees have said that Wood Mackenzie usually isn’t where they’d prefer to stay long term, but helpful skills were obtained while there. Solid consulting experience will likely be gained, and can be applied to other firms and positions. Many Wood Mackenzie employees also go on to pursue careers in other industries, such as investment banking, private equity, or venture capital, or to start their own businesses.

Diversity Programs

Wood Mackenzie has employee resource groups that are focused on various aspects of diversity and inclusion. These groups provide a space for employees to connect with those who share similar experiences, backgrounds, or interests, and events that support an inclusive environment. The firm also has initiatives that help to retain diverse talent.

Wood Mackenzie Culture

Some employees have had positive experiences at Wood Mackenzie, but many are displeased with how operations are managed by leadership. Communication from the UK teams is passed down without consideration or consultation of lower level staff, expecting full compliance with no questions asked. Staff don’t feel as though management is committed to diversity and inclusion, and don’t prioritize the wellbeing of its people or their promotion and advancement. This is likely not true across the board at all locations, but it appears to be an overall trend.

Wood Mackenzie Interview

Wood Mackenzie interviews average three rounds, a self recorded portion for the first round, a one-on-one, and then a panel interview. Case interviews will test candidates’ analytical and problem-solving skills. Candidates may also be given behavioral questions that help the firm understand their values, motivations, and fit with the firm’s culture. Wood Mackenzie often provides feedback to candidates after each round of interviews to help with preparation for the next stage of the process.

Questions from previous interviews:

  • Explain the different between data warehouse and data mart
  • What do you know about Wood Mackenzie?
  • How do you think the transition of energy has impacted global oil demand over the past decade?
  • What was one of the campaigns you are most proud of?
  • How would you model the gas supply of a country?
  • What is a pressing issue that concerns you that you would be interested in evaluating?

Wood Mackenzie Salary

Some employees have said compensation isn’t satisfactory, while others disagree. Below are some average Wood Mackenzie salaries, which will of course not be accurate across all locations, but are helpful as examples. See our salaries report for comparisons of salary details at hundreds of firms.

  • Research analyst: $85,331
  • Consultant: $135,621
  • Software engineer: $137,141
  • Director: $309,063


Wood Mackenzie is a leading provider of research, data, and consulting services to the energy, chemicals, metals and mining, and power and renewables industries. Wood Mackenzie’s services are respected in the industry and the firm has a reputation for providing high-quality research and consulting services to its clients. The firm’s rigorous work environment is designed to help its clients make informed business decisions. While Wood Mackenzie is a good place to gain consulting know-how, the culture keeps a lot of otherwise bright and ambitious employees from reaching their professional potential.


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