VonLehman Firm Profile

VonLehman stands as a prominent private CPA and advisory firm across Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana, boasting a workforce exceeding 140 professionals. Beyond conventional accounting, tax, and audit services, VonLehman excels in providing sought-after strategic business counsel to small and mid-sized organizations. With a focus on key sectors fueling the regional economy, such as manufacturing and distribution, nonprofit, construction and real estate, and professional services, the firm’s expertise resonates deeply.

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Firm Key Stats

Firm Website: www.vlcpa.com
Firm Headquarters: Fort Wright, Kentucky
Firm Number of Employees: 140
Firm Number of Locations: 3
Firm Chief Executive: Adam Davey
Firm Revenue: $20 million

VonLehman History

Established in 1946 by Joseph C. VonLehman, Sr., VonLehman has evolved into a highly respected full-service accounting firm. From its early days as a one-person practice, it grew to become a major player in the Tri-State region. The firm’s history is marked by strategic partnerships and mergers that fueled its expansion, such as the merger with Kohlhepp, VonLehman & Hofacre in 1975, followed by further growth in the 1980s when it broadened its services and expanded geographically.

Notable milestones include joining CPAmerica in 1989, strategic acquisitions like West, Vallandingham & Company in 2002, and the acquisition of Dunbar, Cook and Shepard in 2013. With a legacy of continuous adaptation, leadership changes, and regional expansions, VonLehman stands poised for a bright future under the guidance of its current leadership.

VonLehman Careers

VonLehman tries to create an appealing environment for its staff, and seems to do well most of the time. The firm hires on an as needed basis, usually having at least a dozen full time roles open at a time.

VonLehman Internship

Glassdoor shares one intern salary, but current openings don’t show any intern positions. This is likely seasonal, and those interested could monitor the careers page.

Practice Areas

VonLehman works across a variety of practice areas:

    • Assurance
    • Business Valuation
    • Captive Insurance Audits
    • Client Accounting & Advisory Services
    • Employee Benefit Plans
    • Healthcare Reimbursement
    • Human Resources Consulting
    • Mergers & Acquisitions
    • Peer Review
    • State & Local Tax (Salt)
    • Succession Planning
    • Tax
    • Wealth Management


VonLehman industries are the following:

    • Construction & Real Estate
    • Government
    • Healthcare
    • Manufacturing & Distribution
    • Nonprofit
    • Professional Services

VonLehman Locations

VonLehman occupies the tri-state area, the intersection of Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky.

    • Fort Wright, KY
    • Blue Ash, OH
    • Indianapolis, IN

Exit Opportunities

VonLehman’s CPA expertise would allow employees to do well in another tax and audit firm, and the same can be said for those in VonLehman’s other practice areas. Putting in a solid stint at a reputable firm always looks good on a resume, and will give any employee the skills necessary to thrive at a firm looking for related roles.

Target Schools

About 50% of VonLehman employees have attended the following schools:

    • Northern Kentucky University
    • University of Cincinnati
    • University of Kentucky
    • University of Cincinnati Carl H. Lindner College of Business
    • Thomas More University
    • Miami University
    • Diversity Programs

VonLehman states that it values diverse skills within its teams, but does not have any information on diversity hiring initiatives. In 2022, VonLehman held an HR panel discussion where DEI came up as a relevant issue relating to hybrid work.

VonLehman Culture

VonLehman claims to have a small firm atmosphere with the opportunities of a larger operation and has been listed as Top Place to Work. The firm offers unlimited PTO, generous parental leave, and numerous other benefits. Employee reviews on Glassdoor share that management is sometimes less involved than they should be and though schedules are flexible, they are perhaps less so than the firm lets on.

VonLehman Interview

VonLehman shares detailed advice for interviewees, helping them feel prepared. We’ll go through it and more below.

Interview Process

After HR reviews an application, they will schedule a 15-30 minute phone interview, where they hope the candidate will have questions prepared so they learn about the firm as well. About 3-7 days later, HR will reach out with next steps or to notify if someone isn’t moving on. The whole process should involve up to three interviews, but sometimes less, and the second and third rounds will likely involve an interviewer panel. Case interviews are not mentioned, and it’s emphasized that behavioral questions will be asked, so candidates likely won’t need to worry about cases.

VonLehman Salary

Since VonLehman does more tax and advisory work and consultants make up a smaller portion of staff, it’s difficult to compare its salaries to MBB firms, but they’d likely make less at VonLehman considering other positions’ average salary numbers from Glassdoor..

  • Manager: $152,329
  • Staff Accountant: $68,343
  • Senior Accountant: $84,082
  • Intern: $67,767
  • Accountant: $72,228
  • Senior Associate Consultant: $113,217

See our salaries report for comprehensive salary information on other firms.


With a community commitment spanning over 75 years, VonLehman’s experts offer candid and transparent guidance, consistently refining and innovating their offerings to match evolving client needs. Career benefits are substantial and the firm would serve as a good starting place for those interested in consulting and tax.


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