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If you have a passion for healthcare, VMG Health may be for you. VMG Health is a boutique, domestic consulting firm that focuses exclusively on healthcare. VMG Health prides itself on its subject matter expertise within healthcare. Its expertise spans several areas including valuation and transactions, strategy and advisory, and coding and compliance. Unlike generalist consulting firms, working at VMG Health would guarantee you cases within the healthcare industry. VMG Health is a high-growth firm and as such can afford you with career progression opportunities.

This article will share more on VMG Health’s history, careers, culture, and salary.

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Firm Key Stats

Firm Website: www.vmghealth.com
Firm Headquarters: Dallas, Texas
Firm Number of Employees: 250+
Firm Number of Locations: 6
Firm Chief Executive: Greg Koonsman
Firm Revenue: Undisclosed

VMG Health History

VMG Health was founded in 1995 by Greg Koonsman. Greg founded the company with a goal to create the first valuation and transaction advisory firm with a focus exclusively on healthcare. VMG Health has grown ~15%+ each year since its founding and has reached a global presence. As it grew, VMG Health supplemented its organic growth with inorganic growth. Example acquisitions include Care Futures.
VMG Health is PE-backed and owned by Northlane Capital Partners.

VMG Health Careers

A career at VMG Health enables associates to become subject matter experts within healthcare. Associates can serve a range of healthcare clients nationally, including academic medical centers, physician groups, and managed care organizations. Associates will develop their client relationship skills by working along with senior management. Example projects that associates can work on include:

  • Performing qualitative and quantitative analysis
  • Determining ways for clients to increase their revenue
  • Developing subject matter expertise in healthcare

VMG Health also has a focus on upward trajectory and career advancement, so a career at VMG Health won’t be “up and out.”

VMG Health Internship

A VMG Health internship is similar to an internship at other consulting firms. Aspects of a VMG Health internship include:

    • Focus on personal and professional development with members of the team readily available
    • Ability to join client engagement teams and push forward interesting deliverables
    • Ability to develop expertise on healthcare
    • Ability to complete a specific summer-long intern project

During the internship, the VMG culture of camaraderie and helping each other really shines through.

Practice Areas

While VMG Health is a healthcare specialist, its practice areas span across the healthcare sector. VMG Health practice areas include:

    • Valuation and transactions, e.g.,
    • Financial due diligence
    • Physician composition FMV
    • Strategy and advisory, e.g.,
    • Value based care
    • Managed care
    • Coding and compliance, e.g.,
    • Coding and documentation audits
    • Investigation and compliance advisory


VMG Health is a boutique consulting firm specialized in healthcare. As such, VMG Health’s main industry of focus is healthcare.

VMG Health Locations

VMG Health has 6 domestic locations. The VMG Health firm locations are:

    • Chicago
    • Dallas
    • Denver
    • Minneapolis
    • Nashville
    • New York

Career Path

VMG Health is a high growth firm. Generally, at high growth firms, there is significant career advancement as you will be put in more stretch roles. Positions at VMG Health can include:

    • Analysts or consultants: focus on conducting analyses, modeling, writing reports
    • Directors: focus on leading client engagements and new client development
    • Managing Director: focus on leading teams and serving as a subject matter expert for clients

As you move up in the firm, you can expect to take on more leadership roles and responsibilities.

Exit Opportunities

Given VMG Health’s narrower scope and focus in healthcare, VMG Health’s exit opportunities are healthcare-related. Example VMG Health exit opportunities include:

    • Working at a physician group
    • Working in healthcare private equity
    • Working with orthopedic groups

Notable Alumni

VMG Health’s notable alumni include:

    • Managing Director at Healthcare Growth Partners (LinkedIn here)
    • Senior Vice President at AlixPartners (LinkedIn here)
    • CEO at Enviroklean Product Development (LinkedIn here)

Target Schools

VMG Health’s target schools include:

    • Southern Methodist University
    • Texas A&M University
    • Texas Christian University
    • The University of Texas at Austin

Diversity Programs

VMG Health does not publish its diversity programs.

VMG Health Culture

VMG Health has a 4.3 star out of 5 star rating on Glassdoor with 99% recommending it to a friend and 95% approving of the CEO. Aspects of the culture called out on Glassdoor include:

  • Driven people
  • Good management
  • Fun work culture
  • Passionate team that loves healthcare

VMG Health Interview

The VMG Health firm interview emphasizes behavioral questions. Example behavioral questions include:

  • Why VMG Health?
  • When was a time you were a leader?
  • What qualities make someone a good leader?
  • Why healthcare?

Depending on the type of role, there may also be consulting case questions and investment bank-style questions, including a modeling test. Example questions include:

  • What are different ways to value a company?
  • How do you calculate WACC?

Firm Interview Process

Similar to other consulting firms, VMG Health’s interview process is multiple rounds. Generally, the VMG Health interviews move from initial interviews (which could be on the phone) to a final round superday. Given the firm interview process differs if you are doing on campus or off campus recruiting, it is always best to clarify the firm interview process with the recruiter.

VMG Health Salary

Per Glassdoor, financial analysts at VMG Health make ~$75,000 which consists of a ~$70,000 base and a ~$5,000 bonus. The salary at VMG Health is lower than the salaries at other healthcare-focused consulting firms. For example, at ClearView Healthcare Partners, the base is $85,000 and bonus is $10,000. In addition, at LEK Consulting, the base salary is $95,000 and the bonus is $3,000. To get a comprehensive report of consulting firms salaries, please see Management Consulted’s report here.


Therefore, VMG Health is a boutique consulting firm focused on healthcare consulting. Given VMG Health is a smaller consulting firm, its footprint is solely in the United States with ~6 locations. Unlike other consulting firms which are private partnerships or public companies, VMG Health is private equity backed. VMG Health solely focuses on healthcare and has pretty deep capabilities within the space ranging from financial due diligence to advising on value based care salary.

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