Based in the Dallas area, Vizient, Inc. is a healthcare consulting firm that offers analytics, expertise, and advisory services to help healthcare providers improve performance.

So what exactly does Vizient do?

Vizient provides a variety of consulting services to assist healthcare providers with improving operational performance, focusing primarily on the areas of Supply Chains, Pharmacy, Strategic Growth, and Operations and Quality.

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Vizient Key Stats

Firm Website:
Firm Headquarters: Irving, Texas
Firm Number of Employees: 4,000+
Firm Number of Locations: 20
Firm Chief Executive: Byron Jobe
Firm Revenue: $828 million (2022)

Vizient History

Vizient was founded in 2016 as a successor to VHA, Inc., formerly Voluntary Hospitals of America, a network of nonprofit healthcare providers focused on improving members’ operational, financial, and clinical performance. So the Vizient history can be said to begin with VHA’s founding in 1977. Together, VHA and UHC (University HealthSystem consortium) founded and owned two ventures. The first was Novation, a supply chain company that quickly became the industry’s largest, founded in 1997. The second was aptitude, the industry’s first online market to offer direct contracting between hospitals and suppliers. In 2015, VHA, UHC, and Novation merged to become Vizient, now the country’s largest healthcare provider performance consultant company.

Vizient Careers

Vizient careers are highly sought after due to the company’s rapid & high-profile success in the healthcare sphere, their comprehensive benefits plans, and their progressive DEI practices. The company offers 25 days of PTO, nine company holidays and one floating holiday, and many other appealing benefits. These factors make Vizient a highly desirable place to work, and as such, a competitive firm for landing a consulting role. The company has also won several awards for being an excellent place to work.

Vizient Internships

Interested applicants can seek Vizient internship opportunities in the following areas:

    • Commercial operations
    • Consulting services
    • Corporate services
    • Data and analytics
    • Operations and quality
    • Pharmacy
    • Sales and account management
    • Supply chain

Vizient interns work full-time for 10 weeks over the summer. One of the premier benefits is the flexibility, with the combination of onsite hybrid work as well as virtual work.

Vizient interns also benefit from excellent hands-on experience, with duties matching those of a full-time team member. Interns work alongside and interact with Vizient employees at every level of the corporate hierarchy, with great opportunities for networking, skill development, and career guidance.

Vizient interns also work in groups to lead a community impact project in partnership with a nonprofit entity of their choice. These groups lead the management of these projects & events in logistics, communications, and execution.

Practice Areas

In the area of Supply Chains, Vizient coordinates access between suppliers and Vizient system members to offer improved visibility regarding financial and supply data. Vizient offers expert expense management consulting to help members optimize supply spending. Vizient also offers supply chain advocacy to its members by working with influential industry and government entities.

In the area of Pharmacy, Vizient offers pharmaceutical market monitoring and cost management consulting to help manage spending. Vizient also helps members gain and secure access to necessary drugs while offering operational consulting in staffing, drug utilization, and regulatory compliance.

In the area of Strategic Growth, Vizient offers analytic services to help members improve their system of care and delivery systems. Vizient also helps providers customize their care strategies in light of market conditions to encourage growth while maintaining organizational culture.

In the area of Operations and Quality, Vizient’s data consultants help members improve clinical operations, quality of care, and patient outcomes. Vizient achieves this largely by focusing on improved documentation, analytically driven clinical decision-making, increased productivity, and improved throughput.


Vizient members include health care providers operating in virtually every healthcare sub-industry. Vizient industries and sub-industries include academic medical centers, pediatric facilities, community hospitals, integrated health delivery networks, and non-acute healthcare providers. As the largest healthcare consulting firm in the country, Vizient provides services to 97% of America’s academic medical centers, 50% of acute healthcare systems, and 20% of the ambulatory market.

Vizient Locations

There are 20 Vizient locations operating across the country. These locations include:

    • Vizient Irving, CA
    • Vizient Dallas, TX
    • Vizient Chicago, IL
    • Vizient Atlanta, GA
    • Vizient Bettendorf, IA
    • Vizient Cape Girardeau, MO
    • Vizient Denver, CO
    • Vizient El Segundo, CA
    • Vizient Houston, TX
    • Vizient Oakland, CA
    • Vizient Oklahoma City, OK
    • Vizient Plano, TX
    • Vizient Roseville, CA
    • Vizient St. Louis, MO
    • Vizient Waco, TX
    • Vizient New York City, NY
    • Vizient Tampa, FL
    • Vizient Miami, FL
    • Vizient Nashville, TN
    • Vizient Seattle, WA

Career Path

Vizient offers many opportunities for career development. The Vizient career path varies by niche, with associates and consultants working in specific practice areas and typically gaining promotions within those areas. The company offers positions for senior consultants, analysts, managers, directors, VPs, and partners. Vizient also offers many resources for professional development, including skills-building education for advancing employee competence.

Vizient is also committed to practicing DEI in recruiting and advancement practices, meaning there are many excellent Vizient career paths for minority consultants.

Exit Opportunities

As the largest healthcare consulting firm in the US, Vizient provides unparalleled experience for consultants within every area of the healthcare industry and beyond. Therefore, there are myriad Vizient exit opportunities available for continuing to work within the healthcare industry, especially for advancement in whichever sub-industry an employee focused on in their tenure at Vizient.

And even for employees transitioning out of the healthcare industry, Vizient’s size and reputation ensure that the Vizient exit opportunities are excellent, with other top firms across different industries recognizing the professional value of working at Vizient.

Target Schools

Due to its national reach and reputation, Vizient attracts talent from schools across the country. As Vizient’s headquarters are near Dallas, TX, Vizient attracts much of their talent from the University of Texas system, especially UT Austin, UT Dallas, and UT Arlington.

Diversity Programs

There are many Vizient diversity programs and other initiatives devoted to advancing the values of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. Within Vizient, diversity programs include employee resource groups known as Diversity Networking Associations (DNAs). There are DNAs devoted to differently abled, black, women, LGBTQ+, veteran, Hispanic/Latinx, and AAPI employees, alongside DNAs devoted to issues of ability and intersectional identity.

The most significant of the Vizient diversity programs is the Supplier Diversity Program, which supports working with businesses that are women, LGBT+-, minority-, disability-, and veteran-owned.

Vizient diversity programs also include training in Emotional Intelligence and Unconscious Bias across the organization.

Vizient Culture

As stated above, the Vizient culture is one that strives to put the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion into practice by recruiting and advancing employees of all kinds, with a commitment to empowering each team member to maximize their potential.

Further, the Vizient culture prizes innovation as well as corporate responsibility regarding social, environmental, and healthcare concerns. Past and present Vizient employees generally think positively of the Vizient culture, with an average employee score of 4.2 stars out of 5 on Glassdoor.

Vizient Interview Questions

If you’re trying to land a job at Vizient, you can expect your Vizient interview questions to fall into two categories: behavioral-based and case-based.

Behavioral-based questions focus on how the employee thinks, makes decisions, and operates within teams and workplaces. According to past and present Vizient employees on Glassdoor, behavioral-based Vizient interview questions include:

  • How do you handle conflict?
  • Tell us what you know about [a specific practice area].
  • What value would you bring to the role and to Vizient?
  • How do you get along with people with different personalities and backgrounds?

Case-based questions focus more on specific skills, knowledge, strategies, and insights employees bring to the various kinds of consulting work Vizient offers its clients. Each case is different, and the questions test a variety of skills and expertise in both business fundamentals and area-specific knowledge.

As an example, one interviewee reported the following question:
Perform ad hoc analysis on sample data in Excel, showcasing revenue totals by specific groups

Firm Interview Process

The Vizient interview process consists of multiple rounds of interviews. The first round of the Vizient interview process typically consists of an interview with an HR recruiter interview. From there, applicants proceed to an interview with an individual hiring manager before an interview with a panel of hiring managers and senior leadership.

Vizient Salaries

Vizient salaries are competitive, though slightly below the averages for top 10 consulting firms. The exact dollar amounts vary by position and experience. For entry-level associate business analysts, the average salary according to Glassdoor reports is $71,647 after bonuses. However, for consultants hired with MBAs and PhDs, the average base salary is $100,000, with $10,000 in performance bonuses, which puts the Vizient salary near the top MBB firms, but slightly below their average total compensations, which add up to $130,000+. To see ManagementConsulted’s full salaries report covering hundreds of firms, click here.

Because Vizient is a smaller and more industry-specific firm than other top and international firms, the benefits of Vizient employment include more extensive experience and expertise in specific practice areas.


As the largest healthcare consulting firm in the country, Vizient, Inc. offers unparalleled opportunities for consultants wanting to work in an industry with direct impacts on people’s well being. With its wide reach, excellent employee benefits, and career growth opportunities, Vizient would be an excellent place to launch a career in healthcare consulting, or management consulting more generally.


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