United Status Match & Status Match Challenge Options

Interested in flying more on United, and using status on another airline to get a United Status match? We totally understand. Flying with one airline has traditionally been the number one way to receive loyalty benefits and perks. Lounge access, free checked bags, seat upgrades, and priority boarding are important when you live at the airport. However, you no longer need to stick to one airline forever, thanks to the United status match and challenge program. Delta, American Airlines, and other major U.S. airlines offer similar programs.

If you have elite status on one airline, and want status on another, then look to status matching. It’s a quick way to qualify for elite status with another airline you currently don’t have status on. You can do this while retaining status with your original carrier. On January 1, 2019, United Airlines posted an offer valid until December 31, 2019 for customers to opt into its MileagePlus Premier Status Match Challenge.

The Difference Between a Status Match and a Challenge

Status Match: No minimum flying requirements. Receive immediate matching status upon request approval, and it continues for a specified period of time.

Status Challenge: You must fly a specific number of miles or segments within a period of time. Additionally, you do not receive elite status until the challenge is completed.

Status Match With a Status Challenge: You receive immediate elite status. You keep that status level during the time you spend completing the challenge flying requirements until a specified expiration date.

The United MileagePlus Premier Status Match Challenge

United Airlines offers a status match with a status challenge. When you meet the United Status Match criteria, United upgrades your account for 90 days to Premier Silver, Premier Gold or Premier Platinum status. This is based on the level you hold in your current frequent flyer program.

United Airlines Status Comparison Chart

(Sourced from United Website)

Airline Status Match Comparison Chart

How to Submit Your United Status Match Request

Complete United’s MileagePlus Premier Status Match Challenge form. After 7-14 business days, United will send you an email to let you know if your request is approved.

Required information includes:

  • Your MileagePlus account number (sign up for one first if you don’t have one)
  • Name, mailing address, and email address
  • A copy of your most recent mileage summary or 2019 membership card for the frequent flyer program you are matching from. Clearly identify your current elite status, including your status expiration date. (Please note that many digital frequent flyer program membership cards do not include an expiration date.)

United Status Match Challenge Requirements

Keeping the matched United Premier status for the remainder of the 2019 program year does have requirements. You must earn a certain number of Premier qualifying miles (PQM) or Premier qualifying segments (PQS). These segments must be on flights operated by United or United Express® within 90-days.*  The number of PQM or PQS you must earn depends on the Premier status level you match to in MileagePlus.

*For customers who meet the PQM or PQS requirement of this promotion on or after July 1, 2019, status is valid through January 2021, unless a higher Premier level is earned. This is a good reason to hold off on making your status match request until July 1, if you can help it. Visit mileageplus.com/premier for more information on the MileagePlus Premier program.

United Mileage PQM PQS Requirements Chart

United Status Match Key Terms and Conditions

  • The offer is not valid for members who have participated in the MileagePlus status match program within the last 5 years.
  • United does not issue Premier membership materials for the 90-day Offer Period. You may enjoy Premier benefits on United/United Express operated flights by providing your account number when making reservations or at check-in. During the 90-day Offer Period, you may not have access to all reciprocal Premier benefits with United’s partner airlines. This also applies to access to Star Alliance lounges.
  • Through this offer, you cannot qualify for a higher United Premier status level than the one you are matched to in MileagePlus. For example, if you are matched to Premier Silver, you cannot earn Premier Gold status through this offer. This is even if you will fly more than 12,500 PQM on flights operated by United or United Express during the Offer Period. However, you will be able to qualify to a higher status level if you reach one of the published qualification thresholds for Premier status.
  • Upon meeting the PQM or PQS requirements to retain Premier Platinum status through this offer, members will be awarded:
    • 1 Regional Premier Upgrade, which United will credit to the member’s account within 7-10 business days.
    • Premier members can earn two Regional Premier Upgrades upon meeting all standard published qualification requirements of Premier Platinum status and six Global Premier Upgrades, and two Regional Premier Upgrades upon meeting all the standard published requirements of Premier 1K® status.
  • If you do not complete the PQM or PQS requirement within the 90-day Offer Period, your matched MileagePlus Premier status expires. If so, United may return you to a lower earned Premier level, or general member status, at the airline’s sole discretion.
  • Qualifying PQM or PQS must be posted to your MileagePlus account.

For the full list of terms and conditions, please visit United’s MileagePlus Status Match Challenge page.


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