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University of Georgia

Proud Partner School
Athens, GA

When you enroll at UGA, you are committing to a learning experience unlike any other. The University of Georgia, as one of the nation’s top public universities and the nation’s first state-sponsored university, provides a culture of academic excellence and opportunity enriched by our distinguished faculty, scope and depth of majors, diverse community of amazing students, and vibrant student life.

UGA distinguishes itself by integrating the expertise of a state flagship research university with the close-knit collegiate community you’ve imagined. Internships, research, and study abroad are just a few of the resources available to you while you’re here. Students are exposed to a wide range of scenarios in the classroom, from small group discussions to massive lecture hall groups. The average number of students in first and second year classes is 39; the average number of students in third and fourth year classes is 33; and the average number of students in honors courses is 17.

Full Time Tuition: $31,120 (out-of-state); $12,080 (in-state)


Degrees Offered

Our academic strength is only rivaled by our students’ achievements. UGA students are more prepared than ever to succeed, with a First-Year Retention Rate of 95% and a Six-Year Graduation Rate of 86 percent. Not to mention a global network of over 324,000 living alumni that will greet you after graduation.

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  • Terry College of Business
  • Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication
  • Air Force ROTC
  • Franklin College of Arts and Sciences
  • College of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences
210 South Jackson Street
Athens, GA 30602