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Columbia University

Proud Partner School
New York, NY

Columbia University offers an outstanding and comprehensive array of academic programs. its location in New York City is vital and seeks to link its research and teaching to the vast resources of a great metropolis. Columbia seeks to attract a diverse and international faculty and student body, to support research and teaching on global issues, and to create academic relationships with many countries and regions. It expects all areas of the University to advance knowledge and learning at the highest level and to convey the products of its efforts to the world.

Tuition Per Year: $64,380


Degrees Offered

Columbia University offers a diverse and excellent range of academic programs. Three undergraduate schools, thirteen graduate and vocational schools, a world-renowned medical center, four affiliated colleges and seminaries, twenty-five libraries, and over one hundred research centers and institutes are among the institutions.

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  • Architecture, Planning, & Preservation, Graduate School of
  • Arts and Sciences, Graduate School of
  • Arts, School of the
  • Barnard College
  • Columbia Business School
  • Columbia Climate School
  • Columbia College
  • Columbia Journalism School
  • Columbia Law School
  • Dental Medicine, College of
  • Engineering and Applied Science, Fu Foundation School of
  • General Studies, School of
  • International and Public Affairs, School of
  • Jewish Theological Seminary
  • Nursing, School of
  • Physicians and Surgeons, Vagelos College of
  • Professional Studies, School of
  • Public Health, Mailman School of
  • Social Work, School of
  • Teachers College
  • Union Theological Seminary


Key Clubs

At Columbia, there are over 500 opportunities to explore, to grow, to lead, to share, with support from a variety of offices like Student Engagement, Multicultural Affairs, and Residential Programs.

1130 Amsterdam Avenue
New York, NY 10027