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As 2022 comes to a close, we want to share some of the top articles that our readers enjoyed. We deliver an array of content from Case Interview resources to corporate training topics. We want to say thank you to our readers for making 2022 an incredible year. We were able to help hundreds of students land their dream consulting roles, and also helped a multitude of companies grow in communication and other skills. So without further ado, here are 10 featured articles of 2022.

  1. Consulting Salary Report

Consulting Salary Report

Our Management Consulting Salaries Report is a perennial favorite, even being followed by major consulting firms. It has become the de facto gold standard of consulting salaries information. Whether you’re looking for MBB salary, Big 4, or boutique firm salary info, this report is the most comprehensive of its kind!


  1. Top Consulting Firms

Top Consulting Firms, top 25 consulting firms, best consulting firms

We’ve aggregated the top firms and brought them into one list. The list includes metrics like:

    • Revenue
    • Prestige
    • Employee Considerations

Most of the firms also include links to an in depth firm profile, giving your the information that you need to understand if you want to consider applying to that firm.


  1. Amazon Leadership Principles

Amazon Leadership Principles

The Amazon Leadership Principles give you a window into the company’s culture. These principles have helped guide the company into become a global e-commerce juggernaut. Check out the principles and see how they might help you grow into your best self.


  1. Comparing McKinsey, Bain, & BCG


Just about everybody looking to go into management consulting covets a role at one of the MBB firms. McKinsey, Bain, and BCG represent the firms with the highest prestige of any consulting firms. Land a role at MBB, and there’s a good chance that the rest of your career will be set, as the exit opportunities are plentiful. See how the MBB firms compare.


  1. Big 4 Accounting Firms Salary: Which Pays Most?

Big 4 Accounting Firms Salary, big 4 accounting salary, big 4 salary, big 4 partner salary

Following on the heels of the MBB firms, are the Big 4 Accounting firms. The Big 4 are made up by:

    • Deloitte
    • EY
    • PwC
    • KPMG

One of the key factors on deciding which firm to apply to, is salary. Which one pays the most? Are there other factors to consider besides base salary? Take a look here and find out.


  1. Case Study Interview Questions and Answers

Case Study Interview Questions and Answers

To land a role at a consulting firm, one must usually conquer the daunting “case interview”. One of the most highly sought after articles around the case interview is simply about which questions one might expect, and their answers. See them here!


  1. Case Interview Frameworks


Understanding case interview frameworks is an essential skill in the case interview. Knowing which framework to use for the situation, and which one not to use, can make or break your interview. See the frameworks here and how to appropriately use them.


  1. MBA Sponsorship At Consulting Firms


Some consulting firms will actually sponsor (pay for) your MBA. That’s right! There are a couple of catches, but it is true that some firms will cover the cost of your MBA while you’re working for them. That can be an incredible perk to work at those firms. See a list of firms that sponsor MBAs here.


  1. Top Sophomore Summer Internships for Consulting

Sophomore Summer Internships

Landing a summer internship at a consulting firm gives you a high probability of landing a full time role. See the top sophomore summer internships here.


  1. 10 Reasons To Work For Deloitte – And 6 Reasons Not To

10 reasons to work for deloitte and 6 reasons not to graphic

Deloitte is no doubt one of the top accounting firms in the world. Yet, it may not be for everybody. See 10 reasons to work for Deloitte, and 6 reasons not to here.


And there you have it! 10 top consulting articles from 2022. We trust you enjoyed the content. For more consulting content check out some of these articles:

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