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The Independent Consultant's Toolkit

Go from idea to execution

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What's Included?

Because of the variety of interests you have, and training you’ve already undergone, you could start a services business focused on any one of at least 10 specialties.

But which one will make you money, keep you interested, and add the most value to clients?

We help you find out using 3 different elements that make up the Independent Consultant’s Toolkit:

  • The Consulting CEO Bootcamp
  • Sample business coaching sessions
  • Document bundle

Why Now

Do you want to be in the same place a year from now?

The Independent Consultant's Toolkit

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Who's It For?

The Independent Consultant’s Toolkit is for you if you want to start or grow a service-based business (big or small) but don’t know where to start. If you want to:

  • Make your own schedule
  • Make money on the side (or eventually leave your day job)
  • Build a business around your strengths
  • Make a real difference for multiple businesses
  • Create better work-life balance
  • Work from home
  • Build up a practice that gets bought out by a larger firm

…this is the help you’ve been looking for.

The Consulting CEO Bootcamp

The Bootcamp starts with all the basic aspects of business before jumping headfirst into creating a business model. After these 12 lessons, you'll know:

- The kind of business you want to start

- The business DNA you carry and how that will shape your offerings

- The challenges you're going to face and how to overcome them

- How to price yourself

- and a helluva lot more

Valued at $850 alone, you get access to 12 lessons and an entire workbook to help you create a customized plan for your business.

Business Coaching Sessions

Become a fly on the wall for intensive 1:1 coaching with 8 entrepreneurs. Every single session is a deep dive into growth strategy, giving you the chance to glean some ideas for your own enterprise as well as showing you firsthand what real consulting looks like.

Document Bundle

One of the most.dreaded.things about starting out on your own is getting down to the nitty gritty. Creating documents, drafting statements of work, developing business plans, and formatting invoices sucks, so we did the hard work for you. You get:

- Proposal Deck

- Statement of Work

- Master Services Agreement


- Invoice Template

- 1 Month, 3 Month and 6 Month Project Management Plan

- Project Performance Evaluation

- 3 Sample Consulting Project Plans (Due Diligence, Diagnostic and Profitability Assessment)

- Resume Template

Why Now

Do you want to be in the same place a year from now?

The Independent Consultant's Toolkit

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Within 7 days of purchase, if you find the quality of our materials to be unsatisfactory and are able to provide specific complaints, you can request a refund.