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As part of Norstella, The Dedham Group (TDG) stands out as a leading U.S. consultancy specializing in oncology and specialty therapeutics market access. TDG offers life science firms comprehensive research, data analytics, and strategic consulting services that extend beyond conventional consultancy norms. Leveraging a decade of experience, a diverse team, and an unparalleled specialty access panel, Dedham emerges as a prominent strategy partner for pharmaceutical and biotech clients. In the Norstella network, The Dedham Group continues to play a crucial role, guiding commercial teams through the oncology domain to enhance patient access to vital therapies.

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Firm Key Stats

Firm Website:
Firm Headquarters: New York, NY
Firm Number of Employees: 130
Firm Number of Locations: 1
Firm Chief Executive: Joel Murray
Firm Revenue: $180 million

The Dedham Group History

The Dedham Group began its journey in 2013 with the aim of crafting a healthcare innovation organization capable of distinguishing the essential from the noise in a complex and evolving marketplace. This environment, often devoid of transparency, hindered its pharmaceutical and biotech clients’ decision-making and growth prospects. A decade has passed, and The Dedham Group now stands as a foremost U.S. market access oncology and specialty strategy partner, firmly rooted in the structure and reasoning of strategy consulting.

The Dedham Group Careers

THG shares open positions on its careers page, usually offering a variety of roles at any given time, from consultant to engineer and developer. The hiring process and progression of roles won’t give you any big surprises within the industry. Let’s get into it.

The Dedham Group Internship

Glassdoor lists summer analyst salary information and a review from an intern, but the firm’s website doesn’t provide anything specifically internship related. If internships are offered, they may be posted on the careers page during recruiting cycles.

Practice Areas

Dedham Group offers services in the following areas:

    • Access strategy and engagement model
    • Pricing and contracting strategy
    • Distribution / dispensing model & strategy
    • HUB access services model & strategy
    • Smart Data strategy
    • Value-based care strategy


THG keeps its industry focus narrow and clear:

    • Oncology & Specialty Therapeutics Life Sciences Organizations

The Dedham Group Locations

The Dedham Group seems to have only one location, but one Glassdoor review was set in San Francisco, so there may be a remote work option.

    • New York, New York

Exit Opportunities

Transitioning into life sciences would likely be a smart move for those leaving The Dedham Group, considering the industry expertise they would be sure to have. The strategic consulting skills would apply themselves well to consulting positions at other consulting firms, broadening the spectrum of options.

Target Schools

As TDG is headquartered in New York, many employees have attended nearby universities:

    • Columbia University
    • University of Michigan
    • University of Pennsylvania
    • Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health
    • New York University
    • Cornell University
    • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Diversity Programs

The Dedham Group has no information published about diversity programs or initiatives, so there are likely no related hiring measures.

The Dedham Group Culture

Most reviews speak positively of the work environment but add that hours are often long and work-life balance may suffer, though this is pretty standard in consulting. Leadership is willing to mentor and provide advice and growth opportunities.

The Dedham Group Interview

The Dedham Group interviews seem to follow a process formula that stays consistent, offering interested parties to adequately prepare in advance. The firm loves to ask market sizing and brain teaser questions along with their case interviews.

Interview Process

The Dedham Group interviews usually begin with a 30-minute behavioral and fit phone screening. This is followed by a case interview on market sizing, and a third round generally presents three 30-minute cases for the applicant to solve, often also on market sizing, requiring some math.

TDG interviewees have been asked the following questions, many of which are brain teasers, so it would be wise to prepare for those.

  • Why The Dedham Group?
  • Why consulting?
  • Most important qualities of a team?
  • How many t-shirts are sold in [city] in a given year?
  • How many multivitamin bottles will [insert company] sell in a given month?
  • How many flights fly out of [insert airport name] on a given Monday?
  • How much will [insert movie] earn over its first 8 weeks?
  • Estimate the total revenue from soft drink sales in a given month at Madison Square Garden?

The Dedham Group Salary

TDG salaries are comparable to other firms of similar size, and roughly approximate to MBB, though it isn’t clear if it’s close upon an initial offer or if it increases to become comparable. Most employees report being satisfied with compensation. Below are Glassdoor’s salary averages for the following positions:

  • Analyst: $92,524
  • Associate Consultant: $105,893
  • Consultant: $127,313
  • Senior Consultant: $144,586
  • Summer Analyst: $90,381
  • Software Engineer: $121,497
  • Talent Acquisition Partner: $91,620

Check out our salaries report for hundreds of other firms’ salary information.


As a consultancy offering services to life sciences organizations, a career with The Dedham Group is a great opportunity for anyone with that industry interest, as well as those looking to build general consulting skills. Specific expertise in one area will always allow an individual to be uniquely positioned to continue work in that subfield if they should choose.


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