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Test Prep: GMAT, GRE, LSAT, CFA & More

MC has partnered with leading online tutoring platform, MyGuru, to provide you with the test prep tools you need to succeed.

1:1 Online Tutoring & Test Prep

Customized 1:1 tutoring is the most effective and efficient way to prepare for tests like the GRE, GMAT, LSAT, and CFA. We’ve partnered with MyGuru, a leading provider of online tutoring, to bring affordable 1:1 tutoring to the MC community.

MyGuru – founded by a Kellogg MBA and former consultant – can help you with almost any standardized test or academic subject at the undergrad or graduate level – from statistics to marketing to finance.

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MyGuru's Approach to 1:1 Test Prep & Private Tutoring

Most group GRE or GMAT classes provide little beyond what’s found in self-study materials, with instructors doing far too much “teaching from the text.” And self-paced courses lack the ability to deliver a customized explanation or study plan.

The online tutoring approach MyGuru has developed leverages official test prep materials (think the Official Guide to the GMAT by or equivalent from the Educational Testing Service for the GRE, etc.) and is delivered by test prep tutors with > 95th percentile GRE scores and 5+ years of test prep tutoring experience. MyGuru uses official practice tests to track progress and help every student create a tailored study plan given their schedule, score goals, and starting point.


The key to GMAT success is building a conceptual foundation, and realizing you are facing a skills-based test of critical thinking and logic. Effective use of mental math and the process of elimination will pay huge dividends. A GMAT tutor can help you develop a customized study plan to address conceptual gaps and then build key test-taking skills to answer the more difficult questions correctly under intense time pressure. Completing practice problems or full-length practice exams and then reviewing missed problems in a focused manner with an expert is often the most valuable part of the tutoring process.


The GRE measures your reasoning and critical thinking skills. The mathematics tested on the GRE may be slightly less “tricky” than on the GMAT, but many students find the verbal reasoning more challenging. If you do choose the GRE for business school, keep in mind you are still in the minority, and you’ll need an excellent score to stand out among applicants at top programs. A GRE tutor can help you build a personalized plan to address any gaps in your theoretical math or verbal reasoning knowledge while helping you build critically important test-taking and critical thinking skills.


The importance of the LSAT in law school admissions cannot be overstated - a 170+ score is almost a requirement for admission into a top 15 program. While the LSAT can sometimes feel like an IQ test that one either intuitively grasps or doesn’t, this is not the case. Like with the GMAT and GRE, customized study plan development and focused review of key concepts and test-taking skills under the guidance of a private tutor can dramatically improve your LSAT score.


The Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) exams and the resulting CFA charter designation are prestigious, but the CFA prep process can be intense. The level 1 CFA exam is extremely broad, covering a wide range of finance, accounting,, economics, and ethics topics. Level 2 and 3 go far deeper into select topics, requiring a much more thorough and comprehensive understanding to pass. A CFA tutor helps you create a plan that is customized to your specific comprehension level and helps you focus on the right areas to dramatically increase the efficiency of your CFA prep process.


Base rates will vary by test and subject, but to use the GRE as an example, MyGuru offers by-the-hour private online tutoring for $99 per hour. A 10-hour package is $899, and a 20-hour package is $1,699. Typical hourly rates for comparable one-on-one GRE prep can run well above $200 per hour at other test prep companies.

Pricing for academic subjects at the undergraduate and graduate level will vary from a base rate of $65 per hour up to $119 per hour for some advanced grad level subjects. There are also discounts for investing in multiple hours upfront.