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Stanford Graduate School of Business is the most competitive MBA program in the nation. With an acceptance rate that usually falls below 7%, 14-20 students compete for each seat. Regarded by many as the number one b-school, Stanford can afford to be selective. Some of the most successful companies in the world have come from Stanford alumni – Nike, Capital One, HP, Netflix, YouTube, and the Charles Schwab Corporation, to name a few. It’s no surprise, then, that the Stanford GSB employment report reveals a high average salary for graduates.

Stanford GSB is widely known for its influence on Silicon Valley. As a result, students are known to develop many startups and independent projects, and intern for companies in the Valley. The school’s proximity makes it an ideal place for students to gain access to opportunities in the tech world.

The Stanford GSB program is a full-time program over the course of two years. Students are required to complete the core curriculum during their first year, before moving on to elective classes in their second year. Curriculum includes case studies, lectures, small-group seminars, simulations, prototyping, role-playing, project-based courses, and working with multifunctional teams. The school facilitates strong connections with colleagues and faculty by offering small class sizes. The “work hard, play hard” culture at Stanford encourages a collaborative community of students who are dedicated to innovation.

For more information about Stanford GSB, check out our comprehensive write-up on the program. Today, we’ll be covering the Stanford Business School employment report, including:

Popular Industries for Stanford MBAs

Here are the top Stanford MBA Industries:

  • Consulting – 15%
  • Consumer Products – 4%
  • Energy – 1%
  • Finance – 34%
  • Government – 0%
  • Healthcare – 4%
  • Hospitality/Travel – 1%
  • Media/Entertainment – 3%
  • Nonprofit – 1%
  • Real Estate – 3%
  • Retail – 1%
  • Technology – 28%
  • Transportation & Logistics – 1%
  • Other – 4%

Companies Typically Hiring Stanford MBAs

Unlike other leading business schools like Columbia and Yale SOM where consulting takes the top spot, the most popular industry for Stanford MBAs to go into is finance, followed closely by tech. However, consulting is not too far behind those two. McKinsey, Bain, and BCG are also listed at the top of companies hiring Stanford MBAs, so the odds of breaking into consulting with a Stanford MBA are good.

Companies Hiring Stanford MBAs:

    • McKinsey & Company
    • Bain & Company
    • Google
    • Boston Consulting Group
    • Amazon
    • Facebook
    • Apple
    • DoorDash
    • Rested
    • DataFleets
    • Muni Tienda
    • Sagelink
    • Stealth Startup
    • Deloitte
    • The Carlyle Group
    • Electronic Arts
    • Sequoia Capital
    • Check
    • Altman Solon
    • Owl Ventures, LP
    • FarmRaise
    • T. Rowe Price
    • Peloton Interactive
    • Juni Learning

Average Stanford MBA salary

The average Stanford MBA salary is the highest base salary of any business school at $159,544. The average salary for consultants is listed slightly below the average overall salary at $156,222. The bottom line? Your odds of getting an above-average paycheck jump if you attend Stanford GSB. In addition, 91% of graduates received a job offer within three months of graduation.

Average Stanford MBA Salary By Region

Average Stanford Business School salary by region:

North America: $164,727

        • Northeast – $182,843
        • South – $161,314
        • Southwest – $157,500
        • West – $160,105

Asia: $111,973

Europe: $133,268

Stanford MBA Signing Bonus and Performance Bonus

The average Stanford MBA signing bonus is just north of $30,000, with 51% of MBAs receiving one. That’s a nice chunk of change to start a new job with! $30,000 is in line with the average signing bonus for top b-schools.

Speaking of bonuses, over 70% of Stanford GSB grads expected to receive a performance bonus. And the ones that did? That number was typically in the $75,000 range – now that’s some cool cash.

Stanford GSB Employment Report

According to the Stanford GSB Employment Report, the average salary for MBAs increased for the sixth consecutive year. Since Stanford is known for promoting the entrepreneurial spirit, the employment report also includes data for the 18% of students who decided to start their own ventures. Of those 18%, the majority started something in tech (33%) or finance (21%).


Being a graduate of Stanford GSB definitely comes with its perks – the Stanford Business School salary outranks those of other leading business schools. The school also outranks the top business schools in selectiveness and average GMAT score.

Of course, all perks come with a price – at Stanford, you’ll have to earn them. MBA hopefuls have to outperform 14-20 others competing for one seat at Stanford GSB. Plus, tuition comes in at a cool $74,706 a year, plus housing/other costs.

If you want a top-notch business education, Stanford GSB might be the place for you. Check out our Directory Listing for more information about the school. Need expert help breaking in? Our team can help – reach out today.


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