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Rock Health is dedicated to improving the state of healthcare through the lenses of investing and entrepreneurship, digital health advising, and health equity. From supporting promising health technology start-ups to advising established corporations on digital health strategy, Rock Health consulting works at the cutting edge of the constantly evolving digital health landscape with the goal of shifting the discussion “from dollars and cents to human beings.”

Working with a wide range of partners including Kaiser Permanente, Harvard Medical School, and Mayo Clinic, Rock Health offers its employees a one-of-a-kind opportunity to gain a deep understanding of management consulting within the digital health paradigm.

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Table of Contents

  1. Rock Health Key Stats
  2. Rock Health History
  3. Rock Health Careers
  4. Rock Health Internship
  5. Practice Areas
  6. Industries
  7. Office Locations
  8. Career Path
  9. Exit Opportunities
  10. Target Schools
  11. Diversity Programs
  12. Rock Health Culture
  13. Rock Health Interview
  14. Rock Health Salary

Rock Health Key Stats

Rock Health Website:
Rock Health Headquarters: San Francisco, California, United States
Rock Health Number of Employees: 62
Rock Health Number of Locations: 1
Rock Health Chief Executive: Bill Evans
Rock Health Revenue: $2,973,657

Rock Health History

Rock Health was founded in 2010 by Harvard classmates Nate Gross and Halle Tecco with a mission, as articulated by CEO Bill Evans, to “balance the economic, the clinical, and the human impact,” of digital health. More specifically, the firm was born from the belief that emphasizing the human impacts of tech innovation in the medical sphere will foster a more healthy and responsible outlook on the impact of new tools.

Rock Health Careers

Rock health careers are centered around the company mission to create a more equitable health care system. Employees are therefore expected to share the firm’s passion for revolutionizing the industry. For those seeking an innovative management consulting career at the forefront of digital health strategy and humanitarianism, Rock Health is an ideal place to work.

Rock Health Internship

Rock Health hosts an ambitious “Summer in Digital Health” internship program. It offers students the unique opportunity to work on a variety of different projects with the firm’s portfolio companies. They also attend a range of illuminating corporate events—including Rock Health roundtables and weekly founder breakfasts. A Rock Health Internship is the perfect place for students to gain critical experience in the digital health field.

Practice Areas

Rock Health practice areas include:

    • Engineering
    • Sales
    • Customer support
    • Product Design
    • Marketing
    • Data science
    • Research
    • Analytics


Rock Health industries span a wide range of healthcare-related fields, with a focus on:

    • Pharmaceutical and Medtech Companies
    • Payers
    • Providers
    • Investors
    • Tech
    • Retail

Office Locations

Rock Health only has one office location, which is its headquarters in San Francisco.

Career Path

The Rock Health career path empowers its employees with the hands-on experience necessary to work at the cutting-edge of digital health from a wide variety of practice areas (as mentioned above). The firm employs analysts and research associates near the bottom of the pyramid. Within a few years, you can graduate to a consulting position, with or without earning an MBA. From there, Director/Partner can be reached within approximately a decade, progressing through positions such as Manager and Principal.

Exit Opportunities

Rock Health exit opportunities are diverse and plentiful by virtue of the many start-ups and corporations the firm partners with. Many Rock Health consulting alumni build careers within the sphere of management consulting in the healthcare industry. However, working at Rock Health positions employees to develop careers anywhere within the dynamic meeting ground between fresh startups and well-established corporations. You could end up building a career with a start-up, consulting firm, hospital, or large health care organization after working at Rock Health.

Target Schools

By virtue of its location in San Francisco, Rock Health tends to target schools on the West Coast, like UCLA, UCSD, Berkeley, and Stanford. That said, Rock Health will review resumes and conduct interviews with students from a wide range of backgrounds.

Diversity Programs

Considering Rock Health’s mission to promote equity in the digital health space, it comes as no surprise that Rock Health is involved in a variety of diversity programs. Motivated by its understanding that “having a diverse team creates a positive and more inclusive culture,” Rock Health has partnered with Disruptive Women in Health Care to identify criteria for measuring corporation’s demonstrated commitments to diversity and equity in the workplace. Rock Health also hosts recurring summits that feature guest speakers who work at the forefront of diversity in Health Care. Recent speaker Ali Biab, for example, has spent the last 5 years managing a Rock Health portfolio company called Collective Health with the goal of shrinking the gender wage gap, among other things.

Rock Health Culture

With equity and inclusion at the center of its mission, Rock Health culture is open and inquisitive. Employees are encouraged to exchange ideas and are expected to demonstrate a commitment to developing mutual understanding and respect. The firm’s position at the forefront of digital health also encourages an atmosphere that is innovative and exciting.

Rock Health Interview

The Rock Health Interview is designed to gauge applicant’s understanding of management consulting practices and digital health innovation. In addition, more personal questions are sometimes asked to assess prospective employees’ potential to contribute to company culture. For more information on what to expect and how to prepare for a case interview, see our Case Interview Prep Guide here.

Rock Health Interview Process

The Rock Health interview process is conducted over several rounds of questioning from prospective managers and colleagues within the firm.

Rock Health Salary

A consulting analyst at Rock Health has a base salary around $92K – $100K. This falls in line with many other boutique firm salaries. To see a full list of consulting salaries, see our Consultant Salary Report here.


Rock Health consulting is an ideal place to work for anyone with a passion for the intersection of management consulting, digital health strategy, and humanitarianism. With an emphasis on empowering start-ups and corporations to revolutionize the industry, Rock Health careers offer abundant opportunities for growth in a variety of healthcare fields. If you are interested in applying to Rock Health, we’re here to help!


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