Riveron is an advisory firm with accounting, finance, technology, and operations. Riveron’s scope in accounting and technology is more similar to that of a Big 4 firm rather than that of an MBB firm which is more focused on strategy. Riveron is a small to mid-sized firm with 500-1,000 employees and is fully US-based.

This article will share more around Riveron’s career, culture, and salary.

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Firm Key Stats

Firm Website: www.riveron.com
Firm Headquarters: Dallas, Texas
Firm Number of Employees: 500-1,000
Firm Number of Locations: 12
Firm Chief Executive: Julie Howard
Firm Revenue: Undisclosed

Riveron History

Riveron was founded in 2006 in Dallas, Texas and has since expanded into a national advisory firm. Riveron has grown inorganically through acquisitions while acquiring a substantial client roster.

Riveron Careers

Similar to other consulting firms, a career at Riveron will afford employees the opportunity to work closely with their clients and understand some of the biggest trends impacting businesses. The firm prides themselves with its entrepreneurial spirit, which informs much of their culture. Tenants of a Riveron career include:

  • Commitment to professional development
  • Exposure to senior-level clients and senior-level Riveron executives
  • Mentorship from Riveron leadership
  • A wide variety of projects
  • Riveron also prides itself of operating without the same level of bureaucracy as larger firms have.

Riveron Internship

A Riveron internship focuses on providing you with an up-close understanding of what it is like to work full-time at Riveron. Activities you can expect during a Riveron internship include:

    • Conducting primary and secondary research
    • Helping problem solve clients’ pressing needs
    • Working as part of a cross-functional team

As an intern, you may be given a buddy and an advisor to guide you through the internship in both formal and informal capacities. You may also be able to attend various events and trainings.

Practice Areas

Riveron’s practice areas reflect its accounting expertise and include:

    • Accounting advisory
    • Accounting and finance operations
    • Capital markets and divestitures
    • Performance improvement
    • Restructuring and turnaround
    • Tax advisory
    • Technology enablement
    • Transaction services

To read more about Riveron’s practice areas, please click here.


Riveron’s industries are multi-disciplinary, similar to the Big 4 firms. Riveron industries include:

    • Engineering and construction
    • Financial services
    • Healthcare
    • Hospitality and entertainment
    • Real estate
    • Retail and consumer products
    • Technology, media, and telecommunication

Riveron Locations

Unlike the Big4 firms which are global in nature, Riveron’s locations are solely in the United States. Riveron locations include:

    • Atlanta
    • Boston
    • Denver
    • Minneapolis
    • Miami
    • Chicago
    • Houston
    • New York City
    • Dallas (headquarters)
    • LA
    • Washington DC

Career Path

While Riveron does not publish its exact career paths, it does specify that employees will have a wide variety of opportunities with a continued focus on professional development.

Exit Opportunities

Exit opportunities post a career at Riveron include:

    • Investment banking
    • Consulting (e.g., at a big four consulting firm)
    • Wealth and investment management
    • Startup opportunities

Notable Alumni

While Riveron does not publish its notable alumni as other consulting firms do, some notable alumni include:

    • A Vice President at Lincoln International
    • A Director at EY-Parthenon
    • A VP at Capstone Partners
    • An Executive Director at Ally

Target Schools

Based on LinkedIn, Riveron target schools include:

    • Texas A&M University (~30 out of ~700 employees on LinkedIn)
    • Southern Methodist University (~30 out of ~700 employees on LinkedIn)
    • Michigan State University (~20 out of ~700 employees on LinkedIn)
    • Oklahoma State University (~10 out of ~700 employees on LinkedIn)

Diversity Programs

Riveron has employee resource groups (“ERGs”) which promote an inclusive environment and enables employees to feel welcome and supported. The ERGs also focuses on allyship For example, Riveron ha an ERG for LGBTQIA+ employees. To read more about Riveron’s focus on diversity and inclusion, please click here.

Riveron Culture

Riveron has 4.1 stars out of 5 on Glassdoor, with 80% recommending Riveron to a friend and 91% approving of the CEO.
Positive aspects of the culture include:

  • Great culture
  • Good work life balance
  • Professional development opportunities

Negative aspects of the culture, that past employees have reported include:

  • Benefits (PTO, 401k patch, health and fitness)
  • At times, poor management

Riveron Interview

A Riveron interview will consist of fit questions and may have technical questions as well. Potential questions you may be asked include:

  • Why Riveron?
  • Why are you a good fit for this role?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?

It is always best to confirm with the recruiter on what the Riveron interview will consist of.

Firm Interview Process

The Riveron interview may consist of several rounds with employees of varying degrees of seniority. However, given the Riveron interview process can differ based on timing, position, and geography, it is always best to confirm with the recruiter.

Riveron Salary

A Riveron salary is  about $90,000 with a ~$80,000 base and a ~$10,000 bonus. This is relatively in-line with the salary ranges at other Big 4 firms like:

  • Deloitte Consulting – $88,000-95,000
  • EY – $85,000
  • KPMG – $80,000-90,000
  • PwC – $85,000

For a full report outlining consulting firms salaries, please see Management Consulted’s report here.


Therefore, Riveron is an advisory firm founded in 2006 and focused on accounting, finance, technology, and operations. Riveron is a fully-US based firm with ~500-1,000 locations. While Riveron’s service areas are narrower, Riveron does work across industries. Finally, Riveron’s salary is generally on par with other Big 4 firms. To crack a Riveron interview, it is critical to have a great answer for why you want to work at the firm. To prepare for the interview with an ex-MBB consultant, please click here.


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