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10 Top Locations To Work With PwC

PwC locations, as opposed to smaller firms like McKinsey, Bain, and BCG, are everywhere. With a large footprint (250,000 employees), there are many available PwC locations from which to work throughout the United States. (Not to mention they have office around the world as well!) Working at PwC, a member of the Big 4, is a great way to start a consulting career. Once you’ve decided PwC may be a fit for you, where you work for this prestigious consulting firm is a big decision to make. We are here to help with our 10 PwC office locations to consider. Guaranteed some that may have been off your radar!

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PwC Tampa- Florida

Let’s begin with a tropical PwC company location – which obviously means we are a bit partial to this one. Tampa, Florida is situated on the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. So, when you aren’t working, you can enjoy beautiful sandy beaches and turquoise waters. The cost of living here is low, with affordable housing compared to cities like New York and Boston. Another benefit to being based in Florida is that there is no state income tax. That definitely helps your dollar stretch farther. While you may be paid a little less in Tampa as opposed to New York, the difference is not enough to make up for the cost of living difference. You still come out ahead in a state like Florida.

The downside? You are a little bit further away from the action. For example, you may work more for retail banks as opposed to Wall Street. Additionally, you are further away from power players in the firm. If you go to Tampa, be sure to check out nearby Venice Beach, the shark-tooth capital of the world.

PwC New York- New York

New York is one of PwC’s flagship offices and the firm’s U.S. HQ. The New York PwC office location offers swanky digs on Madison Avenue, proximity to powerful partners, and projects serving sexy industries including financial services and retail. You’ll have to step your game up another level to break into PwC New York. This is one of the firm’s most competitive offices to land an offer in.

PwC Boston- Massachusetts

Our next PwC location takes us to Boston, MA. One of the world’s premier consulting cities, the PwC location here focuses on industries including healthcare and financial services. If you’re looking for an urban experience without the hustle and bustle of New York, Boston may be the place for you.

PwC Atlanta- Georgia

Nicknamed “the city in a forest”, this Southern city offers rolling hills, a year-round temperate climate, and a comparatively low cost of living. An emerging craft beer and food scene means Atlanta is no slouch when it comes to food and entertainment, either. In the Atlanta location, you’ll get lots of exposure to the transportation, healthcare, and CPG sectors. Atlanta is also one of the most convenient cities to be based in from a travel perspective. The city’s Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport is the world’s busiest! It offers direct flight options to most major cities around the world, and is much easier to get to than the three New York airports.

PwC San Francisco- California

Another PwC location that is a bit tougher to break into than average is PwC San Francisco. It offers stunning views of the water and hills surrounding beautiful San Francisco bay. Expect to focus on more technology projects out of this office; you may see some public sector work as well. You’ve really got to love San Francisco to work here though. The cost of living will take a big bite out of your monthly paycheck.

PwC Houston- Texas

Houston houses PwC’s largest office in Texas, and – surprise, surprise – handles much of the firm’s energy industry portfolio. This PwC office location is located in the heart of downtown Houston, surrounded by well-known steakhouses and hipster hotspots serving up new takes on Southern comfort food.

You can expect a lower cost of living here than office locations in the northeast or California. You won’t be paying state income tax in Texas, a welcome departure from coastal PwC locations.

PwC Dallas- Texas

Moving north up I-45, you come to PwC Dallas. In this office location, you’ll be staffed on your fair share of financial services, technology, and defense projects. Like Atlanta, the proximity of a hub airport can’t be overstated. The hundreds of flight options from DFW can get you almost anywhere in the country in a span of 4 hours. Being centrally located and landlocked does sometimes have its advantages.

PwC Chicago- Illinois

We move next to the Windy city, where one of two Chicago PwC locations is a contender for you if you love public art and plentiful museums. You’ll serve lots of manufacturing, financial services, and CPG clients out of the Chicago office. The work here is never-ending, just make sure you buy a scarf!

PwC Philadelphia- Pennsylvania

A city full of history and fantastic food, this PwC location serves many healthcare, telecom, and education clients. Philadelphia is not typically known as a 1st-tier consulting city, so there is opportunity here to join a growing office that may be marginally less competitive to break into.

PwC Fayetteville- Arkansas

Home to the University of Arkansas, and definitely a university town, this PwC location in the middle of the United States is known for being one of the best places to retire in the South. Oddly enough, it’s also a great place to begin a career, as PwC boasts a presence here that not many other consulting firms can match. If you can’t escape that college-town draw (we don’t blame you), Fayetteville may be a PwC location to add to your list.

PwC Office Locations: Take your Pick

There is no shortage of options when it comes to picking a PwC location. Do your research, identify your top 3 choices, and be sure to network inside of each office you are targeting. Good luck!

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