Proper Formatting for Calendar Invites

Sending a calendar invite may seem like a basic task, but proper formatting is vital if you want to be taken seriously in networking, your career, and even in your personal life. There are 3 items that must be included in every invitation: Names, Topic, and Meeting Location. Let’s go into each of these.

Names and Topic

As you are creating an invitation in your calendar, it is tempting to just insert the name of the person you are meeting with. But this does no good for your audience. Instead, include their name, your name, and the topic of the conversation/meeting in the subject line.

Bonus: Include the meeting agenda in the “notes” section of the invite!

Example: Stephanie & Rob | Planning Meeting

If you’re sending an invitation to an event, don’t use abbreviations or shortcuts that only you would know. Instead, spell the name out and be sure to include the program of events in the “notes” section.

Example: Team Meeting | Presentation Training

Meeting Location

Is it on Zoom? Include the link, and be sure you include a passcode or other special instructions in the calendar invite.

Meeting in person? Add the address and suite number of the office or coffee shop you’re meeting at. This will avoid confusion, allow both parties to ensure they leave enough time to make the commute, and help ensure your meeting isn’t delayed due to a miscommunication.

Example Calendar Invite

So, what does all of this look like when it’s put together?


Creating and sending calendar invites is a simple, yet nuanced art. If done well, you’ll make a great first impression. But done carelessly, it can leave a sour taste in the mouth of a prospective employer, co-worker, or contact. Pay attention to the “little” things! They often end up having an outsized amount of influence on your professional reputation.

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