Networking for Consulting


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You can’t ace the interview without first landing the interview. That’s where Networking for Consulting comes in!  Buckle up as we begin a journey in to landing you the consulting job of your dreams! Networking for Consulting is structured as follows:

Module: Introduction to Networking for Consulting

  • Lesson: Networking for Consulting 101

Module: 2 Parts to Networking

  • Lesson: Get in the Door
  • Lesson: Conduct Research

Module: 3 Different Types of Networking

  • Lesson: On-campus networking
  • Lesson: Warm networking
  • Lesson: Cold networking
  • Lesson: Key questions to ask when networking

Module: 5 Keys to Networking Success

  • Lesson: The Right Person
  • Lesson: The Right Time
  • Lesson: The Right Firm
  • Lesson: The Right Location
  • Lesson: The Right Position

Module: MC’s 10 Networking Steps to Land Consulting Jobs

  • Lesson: Identify your assets
  • Lesson: Shop around
  • Lesson: Name names
  • Lesson: Sell your brand
  • Lesson: Get set
  • Lesson: Fire away
  • Lesson: Put the pressure on
  • Lesson: Play the game
  • Lesson: Up the ante
  • Lesson: The “Nuclear Option”

Module: Informational Interviews

  • Lesson: Doing your research before a meeting
  • Lesson: 11 key questions to ask in informational interviews

Module: Networking for the Long Run

  • Lesson: Key tips for long-term networking success
  • Lesson: Follow through
  • Lesson: Keep in touch
  • Lesson: Use LinkedIn
  • Lesson: Don’t burn bridges
  • Lesson: Developing a personalized plan

Module: Expert Videos

  • Lesson: Making a good first introduction
  • Lesson: Body language for networking
  • Lesson: Expert critique of elevator pitches
  • Lesson: Leading an informational interview
  • Lesson: How to ask executive-level questions
  • Lesson: Closing a conversation
  • Lesson: Finding a list of firms
  • Lesson: Finding a list of cold contacts


  • Additional Resources


30 video lessons, 8 demonstration videos, and multiple call/email templates deliver insider tips and strategies to help you:

  1. Develop a personalized networking strategy
  2. Conduct research during the networking process
  3. Position yourself as a top performer
  4. Land a referral, which will increase your odds of landing an interview by 80%

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