Networking for Consulting


You can’t ace the interview without first landing the interview. That’s where Networking for Consulting comes in!  Buckle up as we begin a journey in to landing you the consulting job of your dreams! Networking for Consulting includes:

  • MC’s 5 Rules of Networking
  • Our 10 action steps to land a referral
  • Cold email and phone scripts


Networking for Consulting is the world’s only networking course tailored specifically for the consulting industry. It’s chock full of insider tips and strategies to help you:

  1. Develop a personalized networking strategy
  2. Conduct research during the networking process
  3. Position yourself as a top performer
  4. Land a referral, which will increase your odds of landing an interview by 80%

You can’t land a job without first landing the interview. Put your best foot forward by beginning Networking for Consulting today!


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