Excel + PPT for Consulting


Most good things in life come in pairs, right? Our Excel and PowerPoint for Consulting courses are no different.

Courses Include:

  • 82 total lessons
  • 17 total modules
  • 30+ hours of total video teaching
  • Downloadable resources

and more, you’ll be well on your way to utilizing Excel and PowerPoint the way consultants do! See below for a detailed breakdown of each course.

Excel for Consulting:

  • Navigating around Excel
  • Formatting in Excel
  • Using formulas (including VLOOKUPS)
  • Data cleaning
  • Model types and theory
  • Market Sizing, Profitability, Revenue, Total Fixed Cost Allocation, Cost, Market Study, Competitor, Customer, Market Entry, and M&A models (teaching videos and expert videos where you see us building them on screen)
  • DCF
  • Data Analysis
  • Conditional Math
  • Reference functions
  • Pivot Tables
  • Regressions and Advanced Analysis
  • Creating Charts
  • Intro to Macros
  • 6 Level 2 models (2 Internal and one mega-model)
  • Real world prompts you’d receive on the job, that YOU have to solve and defend
  • 15 hours of assignments for you to put the skills you’ve learned to good use

There are 10 modules made up of 44 total lessons. 16 of these lessons are expert videos where you see us work on screen. In addition, there are 6 “Level 2” lessons that are real-world prompts. You receive initial data sets to download so you can work along with us, as well as our final data sets to download as well. You also receive an Excel shortcut and formula cheat sheet to download.

PowerPoint for Consulting:

  • Consulting PowerPoint Theory
  • Elements of Consulting Slides
  • Navigation, shortcuts, and formatting
  • Drawing Consulting Insights in Presentations
  • Consulting Visuals
  • Story Planning
  • Workstreams
  • Data Slides
  • Slide Deck best practices
  • A breakdown of different firm presentation styles (McKinsey, Bain, BCG, Deloitte, etc.)
  • How to deliver a slide deck

You also get to see us build and present a consulting slide deck off of a real case.

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Use Excel (scenario analysis) and PowerPoint (executive/persuasive presentation) the way consultants do. 2 of our most popular courses in 1 low-price bundle.