Excel for Consulting


The only Excel course in the world tailored to consulting. This course is focused on the types of models you’ll build in a consulting engagement – however, that’s only the first step. Models are no good if you can’t interpret the data and turn it into actionable recommendations for the client.


Excel for Consulting includes:

  • 10 Modules
  • 38 Lessons
  • 24+ Hours of video
  • Insider tips from both Bain and McKinsey consultants
  • Real-life consulting case walkthroughs on both Mac and PC
  • Sample data sets – both before and after our experts worked on them
  • A cheat sheet of key Excel shortcuts every consultant should know
  • 6 Level 2 models (2 Internal and one mega-model)
  • Real world prompts you’d receive on the job, that YOU have to solve and defend
  • 15 hours of assignments for you to put the skills you’ve learned to good use


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