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Oftentimes, individuals are interested in working in consulting or finance. If you are looking for a career at the intersection between consulting and finance, Prime Buchholz may be a good fit for you. Specifically, Prime Buchholz focuses on investment consulting. Specifically, when working at Prime Buchholz, you can support and develop clients’ portfolios and manage client’s cash flows.

This article will provide an overview of Prime Buchholz, including its history, career experience, and exit opportunities.

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Firm Key Stats

Firm Website:
Firm Headquarters: Portsmouth, NH
Firm Number of Employees: ~50-200 employees
Firm Number of Locations: 3
Firm Chief Executive: Bill McCarron (President)
Firm Revenue: Undisclosed

Prime Buchholz History

In 1988, Jon Prime and Jim Buchholz founded Prime Buchholz. Their goal was to provide clients with investment advice that was free of conflict. Jon and Jim settled on that goal after serving as CFOs at universities and noticing the conflict of interests amongst money managers. As clients recognized the value proposition of having a truly independent advisor, Prime Buchholz’s business continued to grow and expand to where it is today.

Prime Buchholz Careers

A Prime Buchholz career enables you to grow professionally. Prime Buchholz’s motto is they do “whatever it takes” to support their clients. As you support your clients, you will have the opportunity to deepen your skills through developing relationships with the firms’ principals. You will also have the opportunity for professional growth through professional development opportunities. A career at Prime Buchholz also affords the opportunity for meaningful work. Specifically, you will be able to enable your clients including hospitals, nonprofits, etc. secure financial security. Finally, Prime Buchholz is known for its collaborative office culture and enables employees to “do good” through supporting their volunteerism.

Prime Buchholz Internship

A Prime Buchholz internship is similar to an internship at other large companies. Specifically, the internship aims to replicate what you can expect in a full-time role. For example, as an intern at Prime Buchholz, you can work on client engagements and develop your quantitative and qualitative analytical skills. Prime Buchholz does not publish many details about its internship program so it is best to clarify the expectations with the recruiters.

Practice Areas

Prime Buchholz practice areas include:

    • Non-discretionary investment consulting (e.g., getting recommendations on the portfolio; client team manages trade executions)
    • Non-discretionary implemented (e.g., getting recommendations on the portfolio; Prime Buchholz executes trades)
    • Outsourced CIO (e.g., managing day-to-day portfolio)


While Prime Buchholz works within one function (investments), Prime Buchholz works across several different industries. Prime Buchholz industries include:

    • Education
    • Health care & insurance
    • Public & private foundations
    • Cultural & faith based organizations
    • Retirement
    • Private wealth

Firm Locations

Unlike larger consulting firms with global locations, Prime Buchholz has three locations. Prime Buchholz locations include:

    • Portsmouth, New Hampshire
    • Boston, Massachusetts
    • Atlanta, Georgia

Career Path

A Prime Buchholz career path enables upward mobility and growth. As you move up in the company, titles you can move through include:

    • Analyst
    • Director
    • Principal/consultant

Several of the principals/consultants at Prime Buchholz have been at the company for 10+ years, speaking towards the upward mobility within the company.

Exit Opportunities

Given the financial focus of Prime Buchholz, Prime Buchholz exit opportunities are generally within the financial space. Exit opportunities from Prime Buchholz include:

    • Financial analyst at a fortune 500 company
    • Investment analysts and investment officers
    • Wealth managers at large banks

Notable Alumni

Notable alumni at Prime Buchholz include:

Target Schools

Prime Buchholz target schools include:

    • University of New Hampshire (20 out of 142 employees on LinkedIn)
    • Northeastern University (8 out of 142 employees on LinkedIn)
    • Southern New Hampshire University (7 out of 142 employees on LinkedIn)
    • Boston College (6 out of 142 employees on LinkedIn)

Diversity Programs

Diversity programs are a key element of the Prime Buchholz experience. 50% of total staff and executive leadership are women and members of underrepresented groups. Areas of focus for Prime Buchholz’s diversity initiatives include:

    • Acquiring diverse talent
    • Engaging and retaining diverse talent through initiatives like DEI training and mentorship programs
    • Engaging the community by supporting NGOs that service under-represented groups

Prime Buchholz Culture

Prime Buchholz has 3.6 stars on Yelp with 62% recommending it to a friend and 71% approving of its CEO. Per past employee reviews, positive reviews encompass:

  • Good work life balance
  • Great benefits, including paid time off

Negative reviews include lower than industry-average salaries.

Prime Buchholz Interview

The Prime Buchholz interview process has been described as largely behavioral. Questions can span:

  • Why do you want to work at Prime Buchholz?
  • Walk me through your resume
  • Why do you want your specific role at Prime Buchholz?
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  • However, it is always best to clarify the interview expectations with HR.

Firm Interview Process

The firm interview process can differ across several dimensions (e.g., whether you are recruiting on versus off campus, whether you are recruiting straight out of college versus an experienced hire). As such, we recommend clarifying the firm interview process with the recruiter. As a general rule of thumb, you can expect a multi-round interview with more senior colleagues as you get into the later stages.

Prime Buchholz Salary

Per past employees, analysts salaries span between $80,000-100,000. Generally, this is less than what you would see at a top MBB consulting firm. MBB firms generally start their consultants at a $110,000-112,000 base salary with a $20,000-30,000 bonus. To get a comprehensive overview of consulting firms’ salaries, see Management Consulted’s Salary Report here.


Therefore, if you want to work in consulting with a focus on investing, Prime Buchholz may be for you. Prime Buchholz focuses on giving impartial investment advice to its clients. Clients can span across sectors including healthcare and education. A career at Prime Buchholz affords you with significant upward mobility. Given Prime Buchholz’s focuses on investments, investment opportunities will not surprisingly focus on financial services. If you think Prime Buchholz may be for you and are interested in getting prepped by an ex-MBB consultant, please click here.


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