Who is it for?

PowerPoint for Consulting is for all aspiring consultants planning for written cases and ambitious current consultants whose minds are set on aggressive professional development.

It’s no secret that PowerPoint is a pivotal part of daily life at consulting firms, to the extent that top firms will only hire candidates who can create top level PowerPoint slides.

From day 1 of your consulting career, as an intern or full-time hire, you’ll be thrown into the deep end and expected to make presentable slides.

PowerPoint for Consulting will stop you from bombing an interview at your dream firm and ensure you know what you’re doing when you get assigned to your first client.

How will it help?

You may have an extensive PowerPoint background, but PowerPoint for Consulting is a different beast altogether.

Consultants structure slides differently, present data differently, and deliver key insights differently. There is often more thought, more strategy, and more analysis that goes into 1 slide for consulting than an entire sales presentation for a CPG firm.

And if that’s not pressure enough, different consulting firms employ different presentation styles.

When the stakes are as high as they are, and where there are so many potential pitfalls, PowerPoint for Consulting will help you map your route to consulting success.

Upon finishing you will know how to:

  • Build a basic presentation from start to finish in under 1 hour
  • Differentiate between different styles of consulting slides
  • Work with key shortcuts to enable you to use PowerPoint like an expert
  • Use each type of slide accordingly, for maximum effect
  • Tailor presentations to suit particular firms
  • Prepare for group and solo presentations
  • And more!


What does it include?

  • 30 Lessons
  • 6 Expert videos
  • 7 Modules
  • A step-by-step expert walkthrough of a Bain style presentation
  • And more!

Should I get PowerPoint for Consulting?

Are you a complete PowerPoint novice with no prior experience?

Do you have a background in PowerPoint – and even in cases – but no idea how to put them together?

Do you have interviews at McKinsey, BCG and Kearney, but don’t know what each firm is looking for in its presentations?

Are you about to start at a consulting firm who wants to avoid screwing up on your first day?

PowerPoint for Consulting has been designed and engineered to bring your PowerPoint skills up to the caliber of top consultants.

If you’re serious about consulting, get PowerPoint for Consulting today.