Who is it for?

PowerPoint for Consulting is for all aspiring consultants planning for written cases and ambitious current consultants whose minds are set on aggressive professional development.

It’s no secret that PowerPoint is a pivotal part of daily life at consulting firms, to the extent that top firms will only hire candidates who can create top level PowerPoint slides.

From day 1 of your consulting career, as an intern or full-time hire, you’ll be thrown into the deep end and expected to make presentable slides.

PowerPoint for Consulting will stop you from bombing an interview at your dream firm and ensure you know what you’re doing when you get assigned to your first client.

How will it help?

You may have an extensive PowerPoint background, but PowerPoint for Consulting is a different beast altogether.

Consultants structure slides differently, present data differently, and deliver key insights differently. There is often more thought, more strategy, and more analysis that goes into 1 slide for consulting than an entire sales presentation for a CPG firm.

And if that’s not pressure enough, different consulting firms employ different presentation styles.

When the stakes are as high as they are, and where there are so many potential pitfalls, PowerPoint for Consulting will help you map your route to consulting success.

Upon finishing you will know how to:

  • Build a basic presentation from start to finish in under 1 hour
  • Differentiate between different styles of consulting slides
  • Work with key shortcuts to enable you to use PowerPoint like an expert
  • Use each type of slide accordingly, for maximum effect
  • Tailor presentations to suit particular firms
  • Prepare for group and solo presentations
  • And more!


What does it include?

  • 30 Lessons
  • 6 Expert videos
  • 7 Modules
  • A step-by-step expert walkthrough of a Bain style presentation
  • And more!

Should I get PowerPoint for Consulting?

Are you a complete PowerPoint novice with no prior experience?

Do you have a background in PowerPoint – and even in cases – but no idea how to put them together?

Do you have interviews at McKinsey, BCG and A.T. Kearney, but don’t know what each firm is looking for in its presentations?

Are you about to start at a consulting firm who wants to avoid screwing up on your first day?

PowerPoint for Consulting has been designed and engineered to bring your PowerPoint skills up to the caliber of top consultants.

If you’re serious about consulting, get PowerPoint for Consulting today.

Core Consulting Skills

PowerPoint for Consulting

The only PPT course in the world tailored to consulting. This course won't teach you how to use PowerPoint the program, but will teach you to build consulting-worthy slide decks. We deconstruct the process of building a killer deck, and share best practices from McKinsey, Bain, BCG and more. Get ready to build decks that will drive executive action.

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A $3130 value! You get:
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  • The Consulting Case Bank (500 cases)
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In short, YES!

It doesn’t matter how good you were in your last environment, consultants take an entirely unique approach to PowerPoint.

In terms of structure, story telling, data presentation and more, PowerPoint in consulting is a law unto itself.

Even though you can be a total PowerPoint novice to use PowerPoint for Consulting, it was actually written for people who already know how to use PowerPoint that want to take their skills to the next level.

If you work at a university careers center or are part of a consulting club, you can sign up for our Deluxe subscription and receive PowerPoint for Consulting, along with our other online bootcamps.

If you’re a Black Belt Deluxe or a Black Belt Interviewer, YES!

At Management Consulted, signing up for Black Belt Deluxe is like having an Access All Areas ticket at a concert. There’s nowhere you can’t go and nothing you can’t do.

If you’re already a Black Belt, you already have access to PowerPoint for Consulting. Enjoy!

If you’d like to get Access All Areas at MC which includes PowerPoint for Consulting and so much more, you can purchase Black Belt above.

Unfortunately not. The Consulting Bootcamp Combo+ is one of our most popular products, covering the core aspects of the consulting interview process.

PowerPoint for Consulting is where we expand on the skills you’ll use everyday as a consultant.

If you’d like to upgrade from the Consulting Bootcamp Combo+ to Black Belt Deluxe, where you will be given access to PowerPoint for Consulting and all other Bootcamps we release in the future, use the coupon combodeluxe to receive a $495 discount on Black Belt Deluxe.

You receive lifetime access for one low price.

Buy it now – the price will only go up as we add additional functionality to the program in the future.


While it won’t hurt you to be familiar with PowerPoint before starting PowerPoint for Consulting, no, you do not.

PowerPoint for Consulting can be your first introduction to PowerPoint, and you can review the modules as many times as you want, until the day of your interview and beyond.

Let us say this – it is never too early to start preparing for interviews or success as a consultant.

In fact, while you can prepare in as little as 1 week, we recommend that you start practicing at least 1 month before your final round interview or first day on the new job.

A baseline in cases will definitely help, so if your consulting firm didn’t include case interviews in their assessment process, consider starting there.

We cover McKinsey, Bain, BCG and Deloitte specifically and in detail.

For those of you who aren’t interviewing or working at any of these firms, we included a lesson that breaks down how to become familiar with any firm’s presentation style and how to imitate it during your interview.

PowerPoint for Consulting is 30 lessons long.

Ideally, you’ll do 1 module every day (with the related homework) and spend some time practicing, too.

If you’re extremely new to PowerPoint, you will find it most beneficial to give yourself 1-2 months to complete all of the practice in depth.

If you’re close to your interview, you can pick and choose from the course to best prepare – you could do it in only 1-2 days with intense focus.

For the course to be most effective, and to take full advantage of it, you should plan a minimum of 30 hours – in a few long sittings, or over a number of weeks, to review the information and practice.

Good news! PowerPoint for Consulting is delivered online – just add it to your cart, create an account during the checkout process, and the bootcamp will be available immediately after purchase.

Our videos can be played on any platform, and the course material tracks how much you’ve completed – so you can stop and start as your schedule permits.

Yes, absolutely! PowerPoint protocol is nearly identical globally.

Approximately 40% of our customers are applying to overseas offices, so we share our international perspective. We have successfully advised clients in the U.S., Canada, Latin America, the U.K., Europe, MENA, Sub-Saharan Africa, Russia, India, SE Asia, China, Australia/New Zealand, etc.

That’s right – we cover the globe, and in the process get consistently positive reviews.

Within 7 days of purchase, if you find the quality of our materials to be unsatisfactory and are able to provide specific complaints, you can request a refund.