Peloton Group Firm Profile

In the modern corporate landscape, it’s essential that companies harness the power of technology and data to remain competitive. Peloton Group is a consulting firm that helps companies do just that. By offering an array of professional advisory, consulting, and management services, Peloton Group helps companies achieve the necessary digital transformation to ensure their success.

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Firm Key Stats

Firm Website:
Firm Headquarters: Boston, MA
Firm Number of Employees: 200+
Firm Number of Locations: 10
Firm Chief Executive: Guy F. Daniello
Firm Revenue: $40-60 million

Peloton Group History

The Peloton Group history, going back to its founding, begins with a reversal of the conventional insight that disruptive technology is driving change. As Peloton Group envisioned it from the beginning, change and growth begin with an initial orientation to people, then to processes, then finally to technology. Since its inception, Peloton Group has worked to put this into practice by focusing first on learning everything they can from and about their clients, including their experiences and needs. From there, Peloton Group works to learn about the clients’ business processes. Then Peloton Group works to collaboratively design and test solutions.

Peloton Group Careers

In this section we’ll cover everything you need to know about Peloton Group careers.

Peloton Group Internship

There is currently not much information available about Peloton Group internships. An outdated posting speaks to the firm’s philosophy that summer internships should balance professional development with enjoyment. However, there are currently no Peloton Group internships listed as being open on the firm’s website or other job boards. Cold emailing or networking your way into a discussion with someone from the firm may be paths towards landing a Peloton group internship, however.

Practice Areas

According to the firm website, these are the primary Peloton Group practice areas:

    • Strategic Blueprints
    • Business Transformation
    • Executive Advisory
    • Solution Implementation
    • Solution Accelerators
    • Program Management
    • Application Management
    • Application Enhancement
    • Training & Education
    • Oracle Cloud Services
    • Reporting & Analytics
    • Data Services
    • Security Services
    • Custom Applications
    • Infrastructure
    • Business Modernization
    • Business Readiness
    • Communications & Engagement
    • Digital Adoption Platforms
    • Anaplan


The following is a list of the main Peloton Group industries:

    • Retail
    • Professional Services
    • Consumer Packaged Goods
    • Financial Services
    • Manufacturing
    • High Tech
    • Life Sciences
    • Construction & Engineering

Peloton Group Locations

The following is a list of Peloton Group locations, which includes Peloton Group North America and Peloton Group international locations:

    • Peloton Group Boston, MA
    • Peloton Group Chicago, IL
    • Peloton Group Jersey City, NJ
    • Peloton Group Atlanta, GA
    • Peloton Group Phoenix, AZ
    • Peloton Group Dallas, TX
    • Peloton Group Los Angeles, CA
    • Peloton Group Denver, CO
    • Peloton Group São Paulo, Brazil
    • Peloton Group Hyderabad, India

Career Path

The Peloton Group career path in the consulting track includes the following positions, from least to greatest seniority:

    • Consultant
    • Senior Consultant
    • Consulting Manager
    • Consulting Senior Manager

Exit Opportunities

For departing employees, the Peloton Group exit opportunities can be quite rewarding. Because of the firm’s array of technologically oriented services, departing consultants should be well equipped to find work with other companies and consulting firms focused on any and every aspect of digital transformation. Departing Peloton Group employees will be especially well suited to find future work in one of the many high-profile industries the Peloton Group specializes in. Having worked at Peloton group, you likely have built skills transferable to venture capital or private equity companies as well.

Diversity Programs

There is not currently any available information about any Peloton Group diversity programs.

Peloton Group Culture

The Peloton Group culture is described as people-first. The firm strives to balance work ethic with fun, and innovation with practicality. The company is named for a group of cyclists who, by riding together, protect one another and elevate one another’s performance. This spirit of teamwork—between colleagues as well as with clients—drives the company’s approach to its work.

Peloton Group Interview

The Peloton Group interview process typically consists of 2-3 rounds of interviews that take place over a period of 1-2 months. The interview tone is described as relatively laid back and friendly, with Peloton Group interviewers mostly seeking to gauge applicants’ knowledge of the company and their fit within the culture. The Peloton Group interview questions involve both behavioral and technical questions, though the technical questions are emphasized less.

Peloton Group Salary

If you’re considering pursuing a consulting position at Peloton Group, you’ll want to know about the Peloton Group salary. Salaries for positions in the consulting track are as follows:

  • Consultant: $142,000
  • Senior Consultant: $162,000
  • Consulting Manager: $205,000
  • Consulting Senior Manager: $215,000

The consultant salary compares favorably even to the Big 3 consulting firms, where the average consultant salary is $110-112,000. For a more comprehensive list of salary information for hundreds of firms, be sure to check out our 2023 Consulting Salary Report.


If you’re interested in a consulting career focused on digital transformation, you should strongly consider applying to the Peloton Group. Consulting with the Peloton Group will allow you to work on the cutting-edge of applying digital solutions to help companies overcome challenges and exploit opportunities. What really makes the Peloton Group unique, however, is the way it balances technology with a people-oriented approach. The firm invites clients’ collaboration throughout the consulting process in a way that few other firms can replicate. Learning to use technology in this way will provide you with an excellent foundation for future success in any consulting path.


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