NYU Stern Employment Report

The New York University Stern School of Business is located in the bustling business and financial hub, New York City. Two miles away from New York’s financial district, students are within minutes of Wallstreet and other renowned places in the world of finance. It is consistently ranked as one of the top business schools for students seeking a career in this industry. Its location only adds to the appeal for those wanting to gain experience and break into this field.

Even though Stern is one of the oldest business schools in the nation, the school has a core value of embracing change. They also seek to draw and develop students who are socially responsible and emotionally intelligent. Students must submit two EQ endorsements with their application. Stern is looking for leaders who possess interpersonal skills like self-awareness, empathy, communication, and self-management.

NYU Stern School of Business begins by grouping students in blocks of roughly 60 prior to starting school. Those groupings will shape their two years of graduate school. These blocks take core courses together, eat lunches together, and compete in the annual Block Olympics.
Outside of their block, students can specialize through electives across many of NYU’s highly ranked schools. Students can specialize in up to three areas, such as entrepreneurship and innovation, in addition to their Stern degree MBA in general management. Students can also complete accelerated dual degrees.

See the Stern Employment Report for NYU Stern Graduate salary statistics by region, industry, and function. For more information about the school, see our directory listing.

NYU Stern Employment Report

Stern School of Business Salary & Employment Data

In this article, we’ll give an overview of the average NYU Stern MBA salary and other salary statistics from the 2021 Stern Employment Report.

Popular Industries for Stern School of Business MBAs

Stern School of Business MBA Industries:

    • Consulting – 31.3%
    • Consumer Packaged Goods – 2.4%
    • Financial Services – 35%
    • Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals/Biotech – 0.7%
    • Entertainment/Media/Sports – 2.0%
    • Real Estate – 1.7%
    • Retail – 2.4%
    • Technology/Telecommunications – 19.2%
    • Other – 5.3%

Companies Typically Hiring NYU Stern School of Business MBAs

The chances of breaking into consulting for Stern MBAs are good. McKinsey and BCG were both in the top five companies hiring NYU Stern graduates.

Companies hiring NYU Stern School of Business MBAs:

    • McKinsey & Company – 17
    • Amazon – 15
    • Credit Suisse – 13
    • Boston Consulting Group (BCG) – 11
    • Bank of America – 11
    • Goldman Sachs & Co – 8
    • Strategy& – 8
    • EY-Parthenon – 8
    • PricewaterhouseCoopers – 7
    • J.P. Morgan – 7
    • Bain & Company – 6
    • American Express – 6
    • Citi – 6
    • Kearney – 6
    • Deloitte – 5
    • Morgan Stanley – 5
    • Evercore Partners – 4
    • Barclays Capital Group – 3
    • Adobe – 3
    • Guggenheim Partners – 3
    • Wayfair – 3
    • RBC Capital Markets – 3
    • EY – 3
    • Google – 3
    • Marsh & McLennan Companies, Inc. – 3

NYU Stern Average Salary

On average, the NYU Stern starting salary was listed at $149,524. The average salary for consultants was about $5,000 higher at $154,821.

Average NYU Stern MBA Salary By Region

NYU Stern Average Salary by Region:

North America Total: $150,798
      • Mid-Atlantic – $123,333
      • Midwest – $120,667
      • Northeast – $152,913
      • South- $166,171
      • Southwest – $144,500
      • West – $144,056
      • Canada – $108,413
World Regions
      • Asia & Middle East – $139,145
      • Europe – $121,691
      • Latin America & the Caribbean – Insufficient Data

NYU Stern School of Business MBA Signing Bonus

The average NYU Stern MBA signing bonus was listed at $38,211. Signing bonuses ranged from $5,000 to $85,000.

NYU Stern Employment Report

According to the 2021 NYU Stern Employment Report, close to 96% of Stern MBAs received a job offer within three months of graduation. Ninety-five percent accepted a job offer within that time.

The average salary for Stern MBAs was listed at $149,524. Salaries ranged from $60,000 to $230,000. The average salary for consultants was listed at $154,821. The average signing bonus for consultants was $30,351. Consulting was the second highest industry where Stern MBAs accepted job offers at 31%. Financial services was the highest at 35%.


New York University Stern School of Business is one of the oldest business schools in the country. They balance the excellence and mastery that come from years of history with the core value of embracing change. Stern seeks to develop students who are able to not only embrace change, but be a catalyst for it when necessary. Students at Stern are encouraged to not only develop their business knowledge, but also their interpersonal skills as well.

If you have an interest in consulting and your values align with these, Stern might be right for you. NYU Stern students have the unique opportunity to learn next door to one of the epicenters for culture, business, and finance. If you’re looking for more information about the school, be sure to check out our directory listing.


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