Networking 101 Video Overview

In 9 out of 10 cases, especially if you are an experienced hire or come from a non-target school, having a contact inside a consulting firm will make the difference between getting an interview or not. Because of that, effective networking is critical.

In the following videos, we give an overview on networking basics – specific to consulting. You’ll learn:

  • Who you should networking with inside the firm
  • How your networking effort will affect the way your resume is reviewed
  • How a candidate is ranked in a team review process
  • What makes consultants motivated to respond to your networking efforts
  • How to hit the sweet spot when networking (esp. in regards to timing, firm selection, firm location, and position)

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How to Network for Management Consulting – The Basics

Networking and the Consulting Resume Review

4 Reasons Why Consultants Respond to Networking

5 Rules of Sweet Spot Networking

We hope you enjoyed the networking overview. Our MC community would love to hear how you – yes YOU reading this article right now – are planning to network your way into consulting. Leave a comment below with the action steps you’ll take to get in the door.

Also, for those serious about wanting to network your way into a consulting firm, we recommend you take a look at The Consultant’s Networking Bible – an 88-page networking manual that explains, step-by-step, exactly how to build relationships with consultants and recruiters and network into your dream consulting firms. Also included with the manual is:

  • A database of 111 global consulting firms with detailed profiles including firm sizes, position titles, diversity groups, and email monikers.
  • 2500+ email addresses and phone numbers of recruiters, consultants, and human resource contacts
  • Email templates that will get you responses – whether it’s your first time emailing a Monitor recruiter or asking a Bain consultant for resume help
  • Call scripts that provide strategies to establish rapport and make people want to help you in your quest – regardless of how cold or hot the lead

You can learn more about the Networking Bible here.

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