MNP LLP is an accountancy and business advisory firm located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. MNP LLP is one of the largest firms offering such services in all of Canada, with over 100 offices in 9 of Canada’s 13 provinces and territories. MNP LLP offers a full suite of accountancy, tax, and financial advisory services.

These are the kinds of services that virtually every organization—both public and private—requires. As such, working at MNP LLP provides excellent networking and experience that would support a long and rewarding consulting career.

In this article, we’ve compiled all the information you’ll need to determine whether a consulting career with MNP LLP is right for you.

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Firm Key Stats

Firm Website:
Firm Headquarters: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Firm Number of Employees: 8,000+
Firm Number of Locations: 128
Firm Chief Executive: Jason Tuffs
Firm Revenue: $1.6 billion

MNP LLP History

MNP LLP history dates all the way back to 1945. In that year, the firm Laird, Sprague & Co (based in Winnipeg) opened a separate office in Brandon, Manitoba. In 1957, that office became independent following Laird, Sprague’s merger with Montreal-based McDonald Currie & Co. In 1958, Ron Meyers acquired the Brandon office, and in 1969 he named it Meyers Dickens Norris Penny & Co (MDNP). Over the following decades, the firm has grown through adding new clients, opening new offices, and acquiring other firms.

MNP LLP Careers

Working at MNP LLP offers the chance to provide accountancy, tax, and financial advisory services to some of the top companies in Canada. This makes it a highly desirable workplace, with excellent opportunities for development and networking. If you’re interested in a financial consulting career, then you’ll want to know everything you can about MNP LLP careers.

MNP LLP Internship

There are many MNP LLP internships that the company calls “Campus Opportunities” on its Careers page. These include positions with titles like “Co-op Student” and “Articling Accountant” and offer the chance to work for four-month terms—typically starting in either January or September—with full-fledged MNP LLP teams providing financial services to MNP LLP clients. Interns are typically charged with researching and reporting detailed financial information that enable clients’ decision-making. Interns gain hands-on experience working in real financial consulting situations alongside industry professionals. Co-op Student and Internship positions are available in other departments as well, including Digital Solutions, China Services, and more.

Practice Areas

The MNP LLP practice areas include:

    • Assurance and Accounting
    • Bookkeeping and Cloud Accounting
    • Consulting
    • Corporate Finance
    • Digital Services
    • Enterprise Risk
    • Family Office
    • Forensics & Litigation Support
    • Insolvency
    • Succession
    • Tax Services
    • Valuations


The primary MNP LLP industries include:

    • Agriculture
    • China Services
    • Credit Unions
    • Dealerships
    • Energy
    • Food and Beverage Processing
    • Forestry and Forest Products
    • Indigenous Services
    • Manufacturing
    • Mining
    • Private Enterprise
    • Professionals
    • Public Companies
    • Public Sector
    • Real Estate and Construction
    • Technology, Media, and Telecommunications

MNP LLP Locations

The following is a list of some MNP LLP locations in Canada:

    • MNP LLP Edmonton
    • MNP LLP Calgary
    • MNP LLP Moose Jaw
    • MNP LLP Kamloops
    • MNP LLP Prince George
    • MNP LLP Victoria
    • MNP LLP Toronto
    • MNP LLP Cambridge
    • MNP LLP Ottawa
    • MNP LLP Saskatoon
    • MNP LLP Kelowna

MNP LLP actually has over 100 locations across Canada. See them all here.

Career Path

The MNP LLP career path for consultants includes the following positions:

    • Consulting Analyst
    • Consultant
    • Senior Consultant
    • Consulting Manager

Exit Opportunities

If there’s one thing that unites virtually every kind of company and organization, it’s a need to center financial considerations in all their decision-making. Working at MNP LLP offers employees the chance to gain expertise in virtually every facet of financial advisory, including tax and accountancy. Combining that with the vast roster of clients MNP LLP works with means the MNP LLP exit opportunities should be quite promising for departing employees. After working at MNP LLP, you can add value to almost any type of organization, big or small.

Diversity Programs

MNP LLP has a stated commitment to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. The MNP LLP diversity programs include the Diversity at MNP program, which celebrates the diverse backgrounds of different MNP LLP employees.

MNP LLP Culture

The MNP LLP culture is, according to the company’s stated values, highly supportive and people-oriented. The firm says it strives to put the right people in the right roles for creating lasting organizational success. Some employees testify that that’s true, highlighting management’s supportiveness alongside the opportunity to develop skills and experience in a diverse array of financial, accountancy, and tax-related functions. Many employees also highlight MNP LLP’s cultivation of a healthy work/life balance, with friendly coworkers and accessible leadership. Other employees, however, report that the management structure can be chaotic, with development opportunities not being as rewarding or accessible as the company claims. With over 100 offices, it’s likely that the experiences and culture different employees encounter with MNP LLP varies based on location.

MNP LLP Interview

If you’re interested in working for MNP LLP, then you’ll need to make it through the MNP LLP interview. Here, we’ll give you the information you need to prepare for the MNP LLP interview process.

Firm Interview Process

The firm interview process at MNP LLP is generally described as friendly, comfortable, and even a bit informal. First, applicants proceed through an initial phone screening. From there, they proceed to in-person interviews with an HR rep and with a partner. These interviews are described as largely conversational, with the interviewers asking questions about the applicant’s motivations and character, such as, “Why are you interested in this role?” And “What attracts you to MNP?”

These interviews also contain questions about the applicant’s background experience and how it relates to the position they’re applying to, such as, “Tell us about a time you’ve had to deal with an upset client.” These questions also invite the applicant to demonstrate their problem-solving strategies.

Some applicants report they hardly received any technical questions, with the emphasis on behavioral questions. Other applicants were asked about their knowledge of the Canadian tax system and other relevant factors. Some applicants report being administered Excel tests and even case studies, though these are in the minority.

MNP LLP Salaries

If you’re considering applying to MNP LLP, then you’ll definitely want to know about the MNP LLP salary.

The average Consultant salary at MNP LLP, according to Indeed, is $68,000. While that figure is sure to go far in many of the MNP LLP locations, it’s still significantly lower than the salaries for other top firms. At the Big 3 firms, for example, the average starting consultant salary is $110,000-112,000.

If you’d like to access more salary information for hundreds of firms across the world, be sure to check out our current Salary Report.


As a full-service financial, accounting, and tax advisory firm, MNP LLP offers a wide array of opportunities for developing your skills in many in-demand areas of financial consulting. With such a large footprint—including over 100 offices across Canada and a huge client list—working at MNP LLP can serve as an excellent launching pad for a financial consulting career. If you’re an aspiring consultant interested in advising clients on issues relating to finance, accounting, and tax, then MNP LLP might be the perfect place to start your professional journey.


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