What is Management Consulting Travel Really Like?

Continuing our series on travel brings us this light-hearted conversation with Tripp Twyman, a former BCG consultant and Management Consulted case coach.

Tripp shares how travel at BCG has changed from pre-Covid to present day, how he maximized travel rewards in consulting, and more:

  • BCG’s travel model [2:13]
  • The nuts-and-bolts of booking travel at BCG [17:06]
  • How consultants win the points game (and how to get points!) [27:48]
  • Downsides of consulting travel [33:23]
  • Tripp’s wildest travel stories [36:42]
  • Tripp’s favorite travel hacks [38:32]

If you haven’t listened to the previous episodes, make sure to check those out after finishing this one!

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