Management Consulted featured in Forbes!

We get it, one of the biggest draws to the land of consulting is the potential to make a pretty penny while doing interesting work. The thing is, Consultant salaries are shrouded in mystery unless you’re one of the privileged few on the inside. Luckily for you, here at Management Consulted we’re peeling back the curtain so you can see all the goodness for yourselves.

Thanks to the feedback from the offer letters you receive (congrats by the way!), our own experience at McKinsey and Bain, consulting colleagues and public sources, every year we publish an updated list of starting salaries (undergrad, MBA and internships) at major consulting firms.

While we cannot ensure that our numbers are 100% accurate down to the very last cent, they are right in the ballpark of what you should expect to be offered. Because we focus purely on consulting positions, our numbers tend to be more accurate than what you would find on sites such as GlassDoor, which is why Forbes reached out and featured Management Consulted in an article about consulting salaries earlier this month.

Check out the article here and be sure to check back with us at the end of the year for a look at starting salaries for 2016!

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