Leavitt Partners

Leavitt Partners is a prominent healthcare consulting firm. With an expertise rooted in helping clients navigate the complex healthcare environment, Leavitt Partners offers a wealth of industry knowledge and proven strategies for success.

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Firm Key Stats

Firm Website: www.leavittpartners.com
Firm Headquarters: Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Firm Number of Employees: 100+
Firm Number of Locations: 2 (Salt Lake City, Washington D.C.)
Firm Chief Executive: Andrew Croshaw
Firm Revenue: ~$14 Million

Leavitt Partners History

Leavitt Partners was founded by former Secretary of Health and Human Services, Mike Leavitt. Leveraging its namesake’s governmental and entrepreneurial experience, the firm has established a reputation for providing insightful health care intelligence and strategic advisory services.

Leavitt Partners Careers

A career at Leavitt Partners is an opportunity to contribute to the improvement of the healthcare sector. With an emphasis on value-based care and transformation, the firm provides a platform for professionals who are passionate about making a difference. Opportunities for growth and learning abound, from internships for students to full-time roles for experienced professionals. For more information on Leavitt Partners careers, check out their careers page.

Leavitt Partners Internship

For students looking for exposure to the world of healthcare consulting, the Leavitt Partners internship program is an excellent choice. It offers an immersive experience in healthcare policy, strategy, and operations, providing a springboard for a future career in healthcare consulting.

Practice Areas

Leavitt Partners’ practice areas are comprehensive and reflect the complex nature of the healthcare sector. They specialize in value-based care, a healthcare delivery model where providers are paid based on patient health outcomes. They also provide strategies for alternative payment models, focusing on quality and value rather than the quantity of care provided. Their expertise extends to provider strategy, helping healthcare organizations improve their operations and enhance patient care. Furthermore, their in-depth knowledge of health policy aids organizations in navigating the intricate world of healthcare laws and regulations.


Leavitt Partners industries include:

    • healthcare providers
    • payers
    • life sciences companies
    • government entities

Leavitt Partners Locations

Leavitt Partners has established its presence in two significant locations – Salt Lake City and Washington D.C.. These locations strategically position the firm close to the epicenters of healthcare policy and innovation, enabling them to stay abreast of industry trends and shifts. For more detailed information about each location and the specific services they offer, prospective clients and employees can visit the Leavitt Partners’ website.

Career Path

A career with Leavitt Partners is synonymous with growth and personal development. The firm’s structured career path allows professionals to explore different facets of healthcare consulting while developing a strong foundation of skills and knowledge. Employees are encouraged to broaden their horizons, take up challenges, and make significant contributions to the healthcare industry. From new hires to experienced consultants, Leavitt Partners fosters an environment where learning never stops.

Exit Opportunities

Gaining experience at Leavitt Partners opens up a plethora of exit opportunities. Alumni of the firm have been successful in securing leadership roles in healthcare companies, clinching positions in government health agencies, and even advancing their education in healthcare or policy studies. The skills, knowledge, and network developed at Leavitt Partners form a strong foundation for future career progression.

Target Schools

Leavitt Partners values the diverse perspectives that come from a variety of educational backgrounds. The firm recruits from top-tier universities across the country. They typically will lean towards schools that offer a great degree in healthcare and public policy as it aligns with their industry.

Diversity Programs

Leavitt Partners is committed to diversity and inclusion. The firm encourages applications from individuals of all backgrounds and provides opportunities for learning and growth.

Leavitt Partners Culture

Leavitt Partners boasts a culture centered around collaboration and innovation. They encourage employees to share ideas, challenge conventional thinking, and develop creative solutions to complex healthcare challenges. They uphold the values of integrity, accountability, and commitment to excellence, which is reflective in their work and their relationships with clients. At Leavitt Partners, every employee plays a role in driving the firm’s mission of improving healthcare.

Leavitt Partners Interview

The interview process at Leavitt Partners is designed to assess a candidate’s technical skills, problem-solving abilities, and cultural fit. This comprehensive process ensures that the firm identifies and selects candidates who can contribute meaningfully to its mission of improving healthcare. Interviews typically involve a combination of behavioral questions, case studies, and discussions around healthcare policy and strategy. The firm is interested in candidates who can demonstrate a strong understanding of the healthcare industry, show critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and exhibit a commitment to improving healthcare outcomes.

Firm Interview Process

The interview process at Leavitt Partners usually involves multiple stages to assess different facets of a candidate’s suitability for the role. The process typically kicks off with an initial phone screen, followed by in-person interviews that may include one-on-one and panel formats. Case interviews are an integral part of the process, used to evaluate a candidate’s problem-solving abilities, strategic thinking, and ability to handle real-life business scenarios. The firm looks for candidates who can articulate their thoughts clearly, analyze complex situations effectively, and propose solutions that align with the firm’s values and objectives.

Leavitt Partners Salary

The salary structure at Leavitt Partners is competitive, reflecting the firm’s commitment to attracting and retaining top talent in the healthcare consulting industry. Salary packages take into account the level of experience, skill set, and role within the organization. Although specifics can vary, the remuneration is generally in line with the industry standard, with additional benefits and rewards for exceptional performance. To get a comprehensive view of consulting salaries in the industry, check out our salary report for a detailed comparison.


Leavitt Partners stands as a significant player in the healthcare consulting landscape, providing invaluable expertise and strategic advisory services. The firm offers a range of career opportunities, fostering an environment that encourages growth, learning, and innovation. With a focus on improving healthcare outcomes and transforming healthcare systems, Leavitt Partners is an exciting place for individuals passionate about making a difference in the healthcare industry.


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