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Many aspiring consultants presume the best option is working for a consulting firm with the biggest name. While big firms like McKinsey, Bain, and BCG offer a high profile, a diverse client portfolio, and a competitive salary, many consultants thrive at smaller firms, like LCG Associates.

LCG Associates focuses exclusively on investment consulting. Depending on your perspective, this may sound limiting, or it may allow you to focus on an exciting and high-impact field with a diverse array of services. Further, LCG Associates is a uniquely team-oriented firm, with 100% employee ownership and an emphasis on collaboration. Here, we’ve collected all the info you need to determine whether an LCG Associates consulting career is right for you.

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Firm Key Stats

Firm Website:
Firm Headquarters: Atlanta, GA
Firm Number of Employees: 36
Firm Number of Locations: 3
Firm Chief Executive: Edward F. Johnson
Firm Revenue: $19 million

LCG Associates History

The LCG Associates history begins with its founding in 1973. This makes LCG Associates one of the oldest independent consulting firms in the country. The firm remains headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, and continues to focus on investment consulting. LCG Associates is also unique among national consulting firms in that it’s 100% employee-owned.

LCG Associates Careers

Now let’s take a look at everything you need to know about LCG Associates Careers.

LCG Associates Internship

The LCG Associates Internship program is relatively limited, but it’s still worth investigating. The LCG Associates internship is targeted toward minority students who are interested in investment consulting. The internship is rotational, meaning there is one intern at a time, who works with the company for 10-12 weeks. LCG Associates focuses on providing its interns with mentorship and a chance to learn about the investment and management consulting industries while working alongside industry professionals. LCG Associates interns spend time with each organization LCG Associates partners with.

Practice Areas

The LCG Associates Practice Areas include:

    • Alternative Investments
    • Asset Allocation Modeling
    • Asset/Liability Analysis
    • Client Education
    • Customized Performance Reporting
    • ESG/SRI
    • Fiduciary Governance
    • Investment Policy Development
    • LDI Glidepath Implementation
    • Manager Selection
    • OCIO Services
    • Performance Reporting
    • Portfolio Risk Analysis & Stress Testing
    • Vendor Search


LCG Associates works primarily in investment consulting, with a small client list consisting of various kinds of organizations, including:

    • Endowments & Foundations
    • Family Offices & Private Wealth
    • Healthcare Organizations
    • Nuclear Decommissioning Trusts

LCG Associates Locations

There are currently three LCG Associates locations: LCG Associates Atlanta, LCG Associates Dallas, and LCG Associates Seattle.

Career Path

The LCG Associates career path is not quite as formally established as at larger firms, given the relatively small number of LCG Associates employees. This means that LCG Associates has fewer available positions than firms like McKinsey and Bain. However, LCG Associates values a tight-knit team and employee loyalty, meaning once you’re hired, there are opportunities for advancement. Currently, there are two LCG Associates careers available: Operational Due Diligence Analyst and Investment Analyst.

Exit Opportunities

Because of the firm’s focus on investment consulting, the LCG Associates exit opportunities are most promising within that field. Departing employees are also well positioned to work at other organizations in an investment capacity. Employees benefit from the firm’s emphasis on continuing education and mentorship. The firm’s small size and team-oriented philosophy also ensure that employees are able to gain a wide array of professional experiences in the different services the firm offers, meaning employees are well prepared to move into a variety of other positions.

Diversity Programs

LCG Associates emphasizes diversity in its hiring practices, with women and ethnic minorities making up 39% of the LCG Associates Staff, 67% of the firm’s departments heads, and 39% of its shareholders. The LCG Associates diversity programs include the firm’s practices in recruiting, engagement, and retention. The firm has also established a Diversity & Inclusion Committee to formalize its values into its hiring practices as well as its community service programs.

LCG Associates Culture

The LCG Associates culture is driven primarily by its emphasis on building an inclusive and team-oriented environment, which is reflected and supported through the fact that the firm remains 100% employee-owned. The firm also deliberately keeps a small client list, requiring its employees to maintain closer relationships with clients than most larger consulting firms do.

The primary LCG Associates values are:

  • Clients First
  • Respect
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Excellence
  • Adaptability

LCG Associates Interview

If you’re interested in working for LCG Associates, read on to learn everything you can about the LCG Associates interview.

Firm Interview Process

Compared to larger firms, the LCG Associates firm interview process is quite fast. Previous applicants report proceeding through an initial 45-minute Zoom call, in which an initial recruiter gauges the applicant’s background and personality fit. From there, applicants proceed through interviews with senior staff, in which applicants are given information about the job requirements and tested for competency. Some applicants report all these interviews occurring over the course of a single day. Most previous applicants report finding the process friendly and supportive.

LCG Associates Salary

As the firm is relatively small, there isn’t as much information available about the LCG Associates salary as with larger firms. According to Glassdoor, the average salary for a Performance Analyst at LCG Associates is $85,000, and the average salary for an Investment Analyst is $114,000. This may not be 100% accurate, however, as reports on Indeed indicate an average Analyst salary of $55,000 and an average Investment Analyst salary of $63,000. These figures put the LCG Associates salary well below the average starting salary for a Consultant at the Big 3 consulting firms, which ranges from $110,000-112,000. For more detailed salary information on hundreds of firms, see the Management Consulted Salary Report for 2023.


As a leaner firm than its larger competitors, LCG Associates offers a lot of advantages to aspiring consultants. Its tight-knit and supportive environment empowers its employees to succeed through education, mentorship, and collaboration. Further, working at LCG Associates means gaining experience in a wide variety of investment-related services. And perhaps most importantly, the firm’s client-first mentality ensures its employees get to build close relationships with clients and partners. If you’re the kind of person who thrives in a tight-knit environment, consider applying to LCG Associates today.


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